9 Amazing and Fun Things to do in Orlando ...


9 Amazing and Fun Things to do in Orlando ...
9 Amazing and Fun Things to do in Orlando ...

There is a variety of fun things to do in Orlando, which is why it is such a popular vacation destination in Florida! I've been to Orlando numerous times, because it never gets old. There is always something to do there. Here’s a list of some fun things to do in Orlando!

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Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure

Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure By far one of the most fun things to do in Orlando is spending the day at Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure. In my opinion, Universal Studios is more appropriate for children. Like the name says, Islands of Adventure is more adventurous! You can, however, visit both! I have been to both numerous times, and it simply never gets old.


International Drive

International Drive International Drive is very well known as it’s packed with things to do. This street has so many different fun things to do but if you’re looking for something free, it’s really nice to just walk through. Other than that, it includes numerous restaurants, fun activities like golfing, and cool museums. Some restaurants are very unique and include stand-up comedy or a Titanic theme!


Sea World

Sea World Sea World is another exciting theme park. As the title states, this theme park is all about sea creatures. There are many cool exhibits and animal shows! There are also some rides and tours. This is a must see in Orlando!



Disney Of course, Disney is another fun theme park in Orlando. There are four different parks – Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and EPCOT. Hollywood Studios is music, TV shows, and movie themed. Magic Kingdom is a magical fairy tale theme. Animal Kingdom is animal themed, of course. And Epcot is based on different cultures and places!


Wet N’ Wild

Wet N’ Wild Wet n’ Wild is a more affordable alternative for a fun theme park. It’s a water-park with the most exciting rides! I go to Wet n’ Wild every time I visit Orlando. There is a fake beach that is really cool for the adults who want to sit back and relax. There are endless rides for the kids or yourself to enjoy. With their affordable prices, Wet n’ Wild is another must visit!


City Walk

City Walk City Walk is free to walk around with your significant other, or even with the family! It’s right by Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. There are great restaurants, from casual dining to high end. They sometimes have performances in the middle of City Walk for entertainment. There’s a bunch of shopping and a great movie theater, as well!


City Walk truly offers a vibrant atmosphere with its eclectic mix of entertainment options that cater to all ages. Whether you're savoring an Italian gelato, laughing through a round of mini-golf, or dancing to the rhythms of a live band, the energy here is contagious. Don’t miss out on the glow of the neon lights reflecting over the water—it's truly a sight to behold! While families adore the variety, couples find strolling through the area brimming with romance. If you’re feeling adventurous, the Hollywood Drive-In Golf is a unique twist on a classic pastime.


Outlet Malls

Outlet Malls Another fun thing to do in Orlando is go shopping at outlet malls! Orlando Premium Outlets is located on International Drive. This is a great way to spend the day! You can find designer brands for affordable prices. This is a well-known outlet mall in Orlando and a must do for those shopaholics.


Blizzard Beach

Blizzard Beach Blizzard Beach is another fun water park for the family. The water is heated which is really cool. Another great thing is that it is another affordable park compared to the other theme parks. This is a great place for children and families. Another must do in Orlando!


Amway Center

Amway Center The Amway Center is another cool place to spend time with family. You can go watch an Orlando Magic basketball game with your family! You can also attend a concert with some friends or your significant other. This is a fun way to spend time if you’re not into theme parks.

I hope you enjoyed some of my ideas for fun things to do in Orlando. Orlando is a great vacation spot and there’s so much to do! What’s some of your favorite things to do in Orlando?

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I went to Orlando last summer with family--had fun at Disney,SeaWorld,and Universal (without IoA) and went shopping at the outlets...definitely want to go back!

I've been to all these places 100000000000000 times love Orlando!

That looks real cool

I lived there off-and-on for five years.

If you are looking to get away from the crowds for a little bit, check out Turkey Lake park!

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