7 Reasons to Visit Hong Kong Disneyland at Christmas ...

If you're a Disney loyalist, there's really no need to elaborate on the many reasons to visit Hong Kong Disneyland. But for the purpose of answering an email inquiry from someone hailing from Beijing (China), I wrote these reasons to visit Hong Kong Disneyland. Here are the things you need to take note of if you plan to visit the happiest place on Earth:

1. The Night Parade

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Running out of reasons to visit Hong Kong Disneyland after the nth time you've visited the park? Then make the Night Parade THE reason. It's totally different from the afternoon parade as you see your favorite Disney characters shine and glow in neon lights. The costumes and effects are amazing! The lights are turned off and then suddenly everyone comes out with varied colors that entertain your eyes. Watch out for Lightning McQueen of Cars in his racing glory and Belle of Beauty and the Beast as they greet you with a rousing "Merry Christmas!"

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