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If you're a fan of new experiences and getting your drink on, check out guest contributor Marta Lopez's post on bizarre bars around the world that you will love.

Part of experiencing a new place is to get down, dirty and local. The next time you find yourself in any of these places, don't hesitate to take a trip to these bizarre bars.

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Santiago De Chile: Peluquería Francesa

Santiago De Chile: Peluquería Francesa This is literally a French barbershop in the middle of Santiago. Located at the corner of Libertad (It was originally located in Plaza Yungay) this place used to serve consulate customers and sophisticated neighbours. Today it’s probably one of the busiest bars to visit on a weekend. Apart from the good number of French antiquities, it has a wonderful wardrobe for a loo.


London: Evans & Peel Detective Agency

London: Evans & Peel Detective Agency If you travel to the British capital, you need to visit Evans & Peel Detective Agency. Patrons will be asked to enter with a case (remember you need to make a reservation in advance) to present at the front desk. Once you successfully pass the question round, you and your friends will be able to have a seat and enjoy the amazing cocktails and the American 1920s food menu. Very important: Be prepared for the drama so don´t forget to prepare your story!


Tokyo: Alcatraz ER

Tokyo: Alcatraz ER It’s probably the scariest and weirdest bar in the entire world! It could be considered a strange combination of a prison and a hospital. Here you will be welcomed by the nurses with giant syringes who will offer you a menu full of delights such as human intestines served in test tubes. There is no doubt that the point of this place is definitely not the drink menu. Apparently this is not the only theme bar-restaurant in Tokyo; Alice in Wonderland, Namahage and Princess Heart are some others on the list.


Tokyo’s Alcatraz ER is a unique bar-restaurant that combines the theme of a prison and a hospital. Here, guests are welcomed by nurses with giant syringes, and the menu includes unusual dishes such as human intestines served in test tubes. This is just one of the many bizarre bars around the world that adventurous travelers need to visit.

In Paris, guests can enjoy a cocktail in a coffin at the Cimetiere Bar. This bar is decorated with morbid decor, including a coffin-shaped bar and walls lined with skulls. The drinks menu includes cocktails with names such as “Toxic Kiss” and “Coffin Punch.”

In Berlin, guests can experience the “dark side” of the city at the Dark Side Club. This club is decorated with a black-and-red color scheme and features gothic decor, including images of skulls and crosses. The drinks menu includes cocktails with names such as “Bloody Mary” and “Death by Chocolate.”


Stockholm: Absolut Ice Bar

Stockholm: Absolut Ice Bar The Absolute Ice bar in Stockholm opened its doors in 2002. Everything here including chairs, walls and glasses are made of ice. If you wonder how low the temperature is: It is always below -5°C (23°F) to make sure it won´t melt. For those who wish for higher temperatures, the staff will keep you warm with special clothing and gloves. Participate in the «Ice Sculpting» competition which consists of sculpting the most innovative figure.


Zacatecas: La Mina Club

Zacatecas: La Mina Club This is the only night club in the world which is literally in the heart of the earth. Located in Zacatecas in the north of the country, having a drink here is one of those experiences you shouldn't miss. It´s 1200 feet underground and it has a capacity for 400 people, so the complaints about the noise are not very frequent. Top tip: For those feeling a bit claustrophobic, tequila can be a good antidote.


Singapore: Clinic

Singapore: Clinic It is weird but in Singapore it´s possible to have drinks inside of a clinic. This hospital themed bar offers tables with wheelchairs and beds for thirsty clients. Here, drinks are served in test tubes as well as in other medical glassware. This place, designed by architect Damien Hirst, is pricey but it´s definitely worth it if you are looking for something a bit different.


Berlin: Das Klo Bar

Berlin: Das Klo Bar This cool bar in Berlin opened its doors in 1971 and is still very popular. Half zoo, half bar and half theme park, here you won’t know what is going on inside. From bird-spiders to tables that dish out electric shocks, Das Klo Bar will surprise you from the start until the end of your visit. Last but not least: Did you know that the actual meaning of the bar is «toilet»? Probably that´s why visitors will be seated on toilet bowls instead of chairs. Prepare yourself to feel like Indiana Jones!

So there you have it ladies, bizarre bars around the world that you must visit someday! Have you been to strange bars on your travels? Do share below

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No 1 is very romantic... ❤️

There's an Ice Bar at the beach in Barcelona, so you can literally go from +30 degrees to -5 in no time

i"ve been to that ice bar, but i"d like to go to no.5

I truly recommend the Zacatecas underground bar it's really different everything about it I love!!!!!!

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