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Thanks to urban regeneration projects, there are neighborhoods that have had a makeover that are now very much worth visiting. Such places were once way off the tourist radar, lacking appeal in every travel sense. With vision and creativity, the neighborhoods that have had a makeover now tell a different story. Like these …

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Shoreditch, London, England

Shoreditch, London, England Shoreditch is an ideal place to start when thinking about neighborhoods that have had a makeover. A part of London that was once terrorized by gangs, drug dealers and general low-lifes, Shoreditch has come a long way from being a notable home to the poor and working class of London to now being regarded as one of the city’s trendiest and most up and coming destinations. Full of the most fashionable bars and a number of interesting, smaller museums, this East End district has really changed its reputation.


Naka-Meguro, Tokyo, Japan

Naka-Meguro, Tokyo, Japan The idealistic riverside location and conveniently low rent for properties in Tokyo’s Naka-Meguro district have resulted in the neighborhood becoming something of a hub for those with more artistic and bohemian sensibilities. Designers and celebrities alike have flocked to the picturesque location and turned it in to paradise for things like quirky bookshops and custom fashion houses.


Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, USA In a similar story to that of Naka-Meguro, the almost perfect location of Williamsburg combined with cheaper living costs, attracted a swarm of artists and designers from Manhattan to come and turn the neighborhood in to a place full of bohemian and creative flare. Packed with boutique shopping establishments, luxury apartment complexes and contemporary art studios, Williamsburg is certainly one for the travelling hipster’s checklist.


CBD/Newtown, Johannesburg, South Africa

CBD/Newtown, Johannesburg, South Africa Once a whites only district and an unsettling symbol of the South African apartheid, Johannesburg’s Central Business District is now a neighborhood open to all of the city’s inhabitants. With upgraded public transport systems and the restoration of many heritage attractions, the Central Business District is becoming a place that the new age South Africa can be proud of, full of modern architecture and delightful street art.


Florentin, Tel Aviv, Israel

Florentin, Tel Aviv, Israel Florentin is a neighborhood in the south of Tel Aviv that boasts an interesting mix of the old and the new. Visitors wandering through the streets will find historical, deserted buildings right next to modern, state of the art apartment complexes. A range of culture is catered for within the district, from years-old synagogues to contemporary restaurants showcasing the best of Israeli cuisine. Definitely a place to go for a taste of both the ancient and modern sides of Tel Aviv.


Baixo Augusta, São Paulo, Brazil

Baixo Augusta, São Paulo, Brazil Once possessing an infamous reputation for its questionable red light district activities, Baixo Augusta has now managed to tone down its racy status whilst maintaining an atmosphere of being the number one place to be for the best parties in São Paulo. Visitors in search of a good time will be spoiled for choice with the streets full of underground nightclubs, stylish bars and contemporary restaurants that will satisfy the travelling needs of all visitors.


Saint-Roch, Québec City, Canada

Saint-Roch, Québec City, Canada Once a district most well known for its abandoned lots and unusually unpopular shopping mall, Saint-Roch has emerged as a hub in Québec City for numerous IT companies and up and coming Canadian designers. Parts of the neighborhood are covered in beautiful frescoes that help to artistically offset the urban setting. Packed with restaurants and underground indie music venues, Saint-Roch is a place where you can spend a really enjoyable and diverse evening.

Neighborhoods that have had a makeover make an interesting detour from a major city’s usual attractions. They are usually more laid-back and hip with a palpable creative vibe. Do you live in a neighborhood that’s seen a major contemporary change?

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What about San Francisco?

"now worth visiting"I wish a lot of people just visited NYC and stopped gentrifying neighborhoods that one wanted to live in in the first place.

no one wanted to live in*

What Leith in Edinburgh, Scotland? Once a heroin nightmare but now a heroin dream.

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