7 Mesmerizing Reasons to Visit Mumbai ...

There are so many adjectives that cover the reasons to visit Mumbai – the city is intoxicating, frantic, kaleidoscopic, generous, and oft shambolically chaotic. The traffic is manic, the humanity tidal. There’s relics of old colonial and more than a dash of Bollywood. Fancy skyscrapers rise above squalid slums. It’s quintessentially Indian yet a city of the world too. If you’re looking for reasons to visit Mumbai, there’s plenty of them.

1. Because Marine Drive is a-may-zing

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All the tourist guide books quote Marine Drive as being one of the reasons to visit Mumbai. Here you can even ride a double-decker bus. Ignore the fact that watching a magnificent sunset is a cliché. Stand on Marine Drive to watch the sun sink into the ocean in a riot of color and then survey the view down the coast. The glittering scene to either side of you is known as the Queen’s Necklace because it shines like a crescent of diamonds.

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