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There are so many adjectives that cover the reasons to visit Mumbai – the city is intoxicating, frantic, kaleidoscopic, generous, and oft shambolically chaotic. The traffic is manic, the humanity tidal. There’s relics of old colonial and more than a dash of Bollywood. Fancy skyscrapers rise above squalid slums. It’s quintessentially Indian yet a city of the world too. If you’re looking for reasons to visit Mumbai, there’s plenty of them.

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Because Marine Drive is a-may-zing

Because Marine Drive is a-may-zing All the tourist guide books quote Marine Drive as being one of the reasons to visit Mumbai. Here you can even ride a double-decker bus. Ignore the fact that watching a magnificent sunset is a cliché. Stand on Marine Drive to watch the sun sink into the ocean in a riot of color and then survey the view down the coast. The glittering scene to either side of you is known as the Queen’s Necklace because it shines like a crescent of diamonds.


Because There’s a Forest in the Middle of the City

Because There’s a Forest in the Middle of the City When you first hear that there is a forest in among this concrete jungle you might do a double-take, but really, doesn’t every major city feature some green spaces. It’s just in the case of Mumbai, it is a true wilderness rather than a landscaped and designed area. The Sanjay Gandhi National Park is home to deer, leopards, jungle cats and foxes. You’re welcome to go bird watching or trek, cycle or just stroll in the public areas.


Because It’s Foodie Heaven

Because It’s Foodie Heaven Seriously! If you love Indian food, you’ll find some of the best restaurants in the country in Mumbai. But you’ll also find some of the best street food. Pick up a fresh juice or milkshake at Haji Ali ‘s, stand at a street stall tucking into a vada pao (Bombay burger) washed down with a cup of steaming chai, take tiffin and the best coffee at the Café Madras, drink a pichter of beer at Leopold Café, chomp on an ice cream sandwich from K. Rustom, and snack on pav bhaji. If you want to escape the street and café scene, a must-visit to eat is the Pearl of the Orient; a revolving restaurant at the top of the Ambassador Hotel (it looks a bit like a spaceship has landed on the roof!) While on the subject of food, keep an eye out for the dubbawalas – the food delivery men who keep the workers supplied with their lunch boxes. Their system is primitive but oh so efficient.


Because There’s a Sight You Won’t See Anywhere else

Because There’s a Sight You Won’t See Anywhere else I know it sounds odd to say that one of the biggest attractions of Mumbai is a laundry but trust me. Dhobi Ghat is an incredible sight. It is a huge open air laundry where all washing is done by hand. You can stand and watch from above or get down among the workers as they wash masses of clothes and linens in concrete bays and drape them around to dry. What‘s really quite odd is that there’s something almost unsanitary about it.


Because Transportation is an Attraction in Itself

Because Transportation is an Attraction in Itself As a whole, Mumbai is a fascinating urban landscape but there are some special sights every visitor should see. If you can hire a car you can drive the Bandra Worli Sea Link – an over the sea highway. The eight lane bridge cost $270 million to build and offers amazing views. Still on transport, for a completely different view, a popular tourist activity in Mumbai is to cycle around the old colonial neighborhoods of southern Mumbai, and yet another way to see the city, is a drive over the J.J. Flyover which during rush hour is like no other driving experience and the road is so closely packed in among the houses that you can see right into people’s rooms. If you still hanker for a taste of days gone by, take a tonga (horse drawn carriage) at Nariman Point. And lastly, your Mumbai experience would not be complete without a ride on the local trains – if you want to feel like a sardine in a can, this is your unique chance.


Because It is Home to One of India’s Few Theme Parks

Because It is Home to One of India’s Few Theme Parks There are very few theme/amusement parks in India – I could only find three and one of them is one of the more modern attractions in Mumbai. Adlabs Imagica is international standard and only opened in 2013. There are plenty of rides and entertainments like you’d find at theme parks anywhere, but all with a unique Indian flair. Currently there are 26 rides and 5 themed restaurants, a hotel and a water park.


Because the Shopping is Superb

Because the Shopping is Superb It has to be said you can find great shopping with bargains a plenty in all Indian cities but you certainly won’t be disappointed with the offerings in Mumbai. For some real photo ops you need to be at the Dadar wholesale flower market in the early morning. Bookworms will be in seventh heaven at the Flora Fountain. The Wednesday market outside the Mahim church, Crawford Market and the Chor Bazaar are musts for browsers. Then if you’re totally serious about shopping, head to Bandra. This area almost seems dedicated to the great God of Retail and ladies, there’s a whole stretch just dedicated to shoes! But rest assured, it isn’t all markets and street stalls. Palladium Mall is one of the finest in India.

I’ve mentioned some fabulous reasons to visit Mumbai and haven’t even gotten around to the mosques and churches, the elephant caves, Bollywood and the art. Be sure to observe the Tuesday morning mass walk to prayers at the Siddhivinayak Gadanaki Temple and the Iskan Procession at Juhu Beach. If you’ve got time, take a walk past Mushek Ambani’s $2 billion home on Altamount Road.

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can't wait to go there .

Showcased Mumbai to the T! Born and brought up here and still i can awed by Marine Drive especially during rains...For shopping Colaba Causeway and Bandra Hill Road is an altogether a different experience! Mumbai has something for everyone! :)

*Mukesh Ambani.

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