9 Soul-fulfilling Places of Beauty in Australia ...


9 Soul-fulfilling Places of Beauty in Australia ...
9 Soul-fulfilling Places of Beauty in Australia ...

There are so many beautiful places in Australia. The incredibly inviting country is so full of amazing landscapes, many of which are unrivalled anywhere else and just as many are unique to Australia. I could wax lyrical about the beautiful places in Australia for hours and pages and pages but I’m restricted to nine today!

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Arkaroola - South Australia

Arkaroola - South Australia Arkaroola is one of the most beautiful places in Australia, with salt lakes, mountains and cracked earth all underneath a red glow. If you are a keen stargazer, then you’ll need to take a trip here. Arkaroola has a strict Dark Skies policy which is in place to minimize light pollution so you get the best look at the stars. At night you will have the best view of the stars, however if you take an early trip to the area you might be able to spot a rare yellow-footed rock wallaby.


Arnhem Land- Northern Territory

Arnhem Land- Northern Territory If you like peace away from humanity, then you’ll love Arnhem Land. This is a place that remains basically untouched and is filled with bird song, wildlife and breathtaking sites. The beaches in this area are truly stunning, with blue waters and light colored sand. Be cautious if you do decide to take a dip in these waters; there is a world under there with some pretty big creatures in it.


Heron Island - Queensland

Heron Island - Queensland Heron Island is located on the south end of the Great Barrier Reef and the place where thousands of green turtles go to lay their eggs. Make your trip between February and April and see the eggs hatch for yourself. If you like to drive or explore the sea by boat then you will be in awe of the marine life in these parts. Take a trip off the beach where you will find coral, manta rays, moray eels, sharks, reef fish and more.


Wolgan Valley – New South Wales

Wolgan Valley – New South Wales This is a place which up until 1931, 2000 people lived. They cut down trees, dug up oil and coal, and polluted the earth with rubbish. Here you will see the ruins of where the humans once inhabited the area - broken walls, mangled cars and house hold waste. It is surrounded by 100 meter high sandstone cliffs which are breath taking and you’ll have a great time exploring what was left behind. I'm happy to say Mother Nature won and reclaimed the land as her own.


Atherton Tablelands - Queensland

Atherton Tablelands - Queensland This is one of the places of natural beauty in Australia that really got my attention. It is in the heart of the oldest rainforests and is home to some rare and wonderful creatures including tree kangaroos. You can go on a hike, enjoy a dip in a volcanic crater lake or cool off under a hidden waterfall.


Freycinet National Park – Tasmania

Freycinet National Park – Tasmania Known mostly for the startlingly dazzling white sand and blue sea of Wineglass Bay, this park more than just a collection of beautiful beaches and coastlines. Visit here and you won’t be short of things to do. Most people camp out and spend their days hiking, fishing, diving, swimming, looking for whales and dolphins or just kicking back and relaxing. You can take a trip to the lighthouse at Cape Touville or visit the oyster bed of Great Oyster Bay.


The Blue Mountains- New South Wales

The Blue Mountains- New South Wales This natural beauty is home to waterfalls, rainforest, ancient rock formations, gorges, views to take your breath away and wild and wonderful animals. You can take a hike on one of the 80 trails to explore the park; some of the trails take you through the forests and others take you over sandstone plateaus. You will come across towns on your trails too, so after a walk through the forest you can stop off for a coffee and a browse in the shops.


Mungo National Park- New South Wales

Mungo National Park- New South Wales Here is not only one of the most beautiful places in Australia, it also has history in abundance. It is the place where archaeologists have found clues to the origins of human life. In 1969 they found a woman’s remains which was evidence of one of the oldest cremations. They also found 450 fossilized human footprints from the Pleistocene age. If you love history and beauty, then you must visit and take a step back to imagine grasslands with wombats grazing nearby and hunters gathering around campfires.


Valley of the Giants – Western Australia

Valley of the Giants – Western Australia The Valley of the Giants lies in the deep southern wilderness of Western Australia about five hours from Perth. The “giants” are tingle trees that grow up to 75 meters and can live for 400 years. They are unique to Australia. You can enjoy the arboreal splendor wandering among the massive trunks or get up in the canopy among the purple-crowned lorikeets on a sympathetically constructed walkway. A jarrah boardwalk at ground level takes you through the area of the most veteran trees known as the Ancient Empire. A tree-lover’s paradise.

I never get bored writing about Australia and I hope you never tire of hearing about the country’s magical places. I am determined to go back one day. How about you? Is Australia on your list of places to visit?

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