7 Glorious Places to Visit in Greenland ...

It may not be the first destination you think of for a vacation, but there are some glorious places to visit in Greenland. A place that seems at odds with its name because for much of the year it is white with snow, but when the winter ice recedes, a gorgeous, if stark, landscape becomes accessible. And people do live here – it’s not just explorers, polar bears and seals. Let’s whizz around some of the great places to visit in Greenland to see whether you fancy a trip there.

1. Disko Bay

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Disko Bay is one of the most popular places to visit in Greenland. It sits on the western coast of the country and boasts numerous animal inhabitants and natural attractions, including the UNESCO World Heritage Site Ilulissat Icefjord. Tours here can last a few hours or more than a week! June through August is a recommended travel period, and Lyngmarks Glacier (on Disko Island) offers the only summertime dog sledding in Greenland. There is so much to see; some travelers make this their only Greenland destination.

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