7 Special Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia ...


7 Special Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia ...
7 Special Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia ...

There are some very special places to visit in Saudi Arabia. Although it doesn’t have the reputation as being one of the most tourist-friendly destinations, once you’re there, most people are as welcoming and hospitable as anywhere. As long as you abide by the law and the religious code of behavior, there’s no reason to not have a fabulous time exploring some of the amazing places to visit in Saudi Arabia.

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Al Soudah

Described by Lonely Planet as “jaw-droppingly beautiful”, Al Soudah – named the “black one” for the black clouds so prevalent here – is very far removed from the standard picture of acres of sand that you usually assume. Al Soudah is truly one of the magical places to visit in Saudi Arabia. This is a region of mountain tops shrouded in those famous black clouds, deep valleys and escarpments. The best way to see the area is from the As-Sawdah Cable Car from where you can also see Jebel Soudah, Saudi Arabia’s highest mountain.


The Farasan Islands

With a mix of private and public beaches, the Farasan islands are a popular vacation destination in Saudi Arabia. There’s some brilliant wildlife viewing opportunities among the mangroves and it’s a favorite place for bird watchers. What’s also fabulous is the diving among the special eco-system of the Farasan Banks. If it’s good enough to be one of Jacques Cousteau’s preferred spots, it must be good – right?


Edge of the World

Did you know the Edge of the World was in Saudi Arabia? When you stand on the Jebel Tuwaiq Escarpment and drink in the magnificent view, you sure can imagine it to be so. The horizon just seems to go on forever and ever with the plains just endlessly continuing. The scenic plateau offers incredible views from many places along its 800km length.


Madain Saleh

Many people say that if you can choose but one of the places to visit in Saudi Arabia it has to be Madain Saleh. The scenery here is described as other-wordly in the depths of breathtaking nature and oozing rich history. In another time, Madain Saleh was a crossroads for trade caravans, pilgrims, explorers and armies. Today the ancient Nabataen Tombs stand impressively among amazing rock formations and sweeping sands. Be sure to also visit the oasis, old mud village and museums at Al-Ula.



Unayzah in Qassim province has plenty of attractions and is very welcoming to tourists. There are plenty of historical attractions as pre-Islamic civilization existed here thanks to its location as a trading post. Set in ancient agricultural lands, Unazyah has stunning mosques, a traditional marketplace, plenty of museums and a calendar of exciting festivals, some of which take place in locations such as the Roman amphitheater. The city is also home to the Dream Land theme park.

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Wahba Crater

One of the best natural attractions of Saudi Arabia, the Wahba Crater is an area of the crater itself, surrounding lava fields, salt pans and an oasis. The beauty and its accessibility by foot makes it a popular area for camping out. Combine it with a trip to Taif, a city in the mountains famous for its roses and production of rosewater.



Being one of the wealthiest cities in the world as well as being the capital makes Riyadh one of the obvious places to visit in Saudi Arabia. It is the face of conservative and sober Saudi Arabia so it definitely has a less-friendly (for want of a better word) vibe than other cities, like Jeddah, for instance. As well as just admiring the juxtaposition of modern and ancient, there are some great hotels and restaurants to enjoy the very correct hospitality of. Plus there are plenty of impressive mosques, shopping malls, museums and nationally significant attractions.

I’ll be quite honest, it is the natural attractions of Saudi Arabia that interest me more than the cities because I’d love to see just how far removed from the idea of just being an oil–rich desert land it is. What about you. Town or country?

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The natural areas and scenery there are magnificent!

Will include these places in my itinerary next year!

I would love to go there 1 day. 😌😊

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