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You might not be able to live there, but you sure can travel to the happiest places on Earth. Happiness is all relative. We all have a different idea of what makes us happy, but some clever boffins, of course, have worked out various indices that make up a Happy-o-meter. I’ve read quite a few of these lists and the same places regularly feature in the top echelons. One thing I noticed, however, was the conspicuous absence of Bhutan – a country that doesn’t measure its success via Gross National Product, but in terms of its Gross National Happiness. Most of the happiest places on Earth are in Scandinavia – check out these places:

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Aarhus, Denmark

Aarhus, Denmark Routinely taking the number one spot in polls ranking the happiest places on Earth, Denmark’s high quality of life can best be experienced in its “second city,” Aarhus, which lies on a natural harbor on the east coast, allowing for the country’s most active industrial waterfront, as well as serving for a lovely recreational marina for sailing and water skiing. Aarhus is the oldest large Scandinavian city, and yet it draws a young crowd, as thousands of students stream in every year to attend its popular colleges and university. The vibrant city hosts music festivals and houses many museums and outdoor theatres, as well as an abundance of cafes, restaurants and shops. Medieval residences line the narrow streets of the Latin Quarter, while the newly built residential development of Isberget (the Iceberg) was designed so that all have spectacular scenic views of the North Sea.


Oslo, Norway

Oslo, Norway It’s a universal truth that nature equates happiness, so it’s no surprise that Oslo, Norway, lying at the north end of Oslofjord and surrounded by glorious mountains capped with lush green forests, is one of the happiest places on Earth. This quiet capital is loud with culture, from hosting a number of popular music festivals to exhibiting art in public sculpture parks. The magnificent Oslo Opera House is flanked by lively shops, restaurants, clubs and bars, mirroring the city’s healthy economy, its strength maintained by the region’s oil industry.


Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva, Switzerland What could serve as a lovelier background for happiness than the snow-capped Alps and the Jura Mountain range? Geneva is nestled right in the centre, and also serves as the centre for one of the UN’s major headquarters. Being as such, Geneva houses many UN offices, allowing many foreign nationals to call this natural paradise home. The Old Town, the Cathedral St. Pierre and the city’s many parks are just some of the attractions spotted along the Rhone River. In winter, skiers and snowboarders are drawn to Mont Blanc’s many ski resorts, and in the summer, the beaches serve as a nice respite to relax and swim.


Utrecht, Netherlands

Utrecht, Netherlands The Netherlands has long been amongst the happiest places on Earth, and its city of Utrecht, just south of Amsterdam, serves as a spectacular landing point to experience that happiness. Students flock to Utrecht University, as well as to the city’s charming restaurants and cafes, where many musicians and artists congregate. The central canal, Oudegracht, is lined with bars and pubs, allowing for a delightful afternoon spent watching the boats pass down the waterway. The spring and summer festivals include Nederlands Film Festival, and the Oudegracht is flowered on a weekly basis with its Saturday flower market. The relaxed atmosphere and vibrant city-life combine well to create an environment of happiness unparalleled.


Malmo, Sweden

Malmo, Sweden The Oresund Bridge connects this third largest Swedish city to Copenhagen, allowing for easy access to the number one happiest place on Earth, Denmark. Sweden isn’t far behind though. Malmo’s fair trade policy means that stores advocate for ethical consumption of fair trade goods, like tea and coffee. The transport system and architecture are undergoing new development, but the charm of the old is still present in the city’s squares and in Old Town quarter. University students, immigrants and tech companies alike are attracted to Malmo’s fresh look, hence the city is home to a large multicultural community.


Kingston, Canada

Kingston, Canada The peaceful country of Canada breathes contentedness, and its city of Kingston is no different. Located in Eastern Ontario along the St. Lawrence River, the largely cultural and artistic city hosts a multitude of festivals throughout the year, including Limestone City Blues Festival, the Kingston WritersFest, the Kingston Canadian Film Festival, Fanfayr, Kingston Jazz Festival and Reelout Film Festival, to name a few. The large artist community includes those disciplined in media arts, visual arts, performance arts and literature, making Kingston a hotbed for creative freedom of expression, the major emotion expressed of which is happiness.


Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki, Finland The Finns' low corruption levels, high literacy rates and quality of life, narrow income gap, broad access to quality health care and healthy balance of work and play make Finland hard to beat when it comes to Gross National Happiness. And Helsinki, Finland’s capital, located on an arm of the Baltic Sea, offers some of the finest education in the University of Helsinki; an array of cultural venues in its museums, theatres, and arts; a booming economy as Helsinki’s GDP per capita is around 1.3 times the national average; and a lovely landscape of neoclassical, as well as Art Nouveau-inspired architecture.

If you happen to live in any of these cities, I’d love to know if they are indeed the happiest places on Earth? I don’t think I live in somewhere that could be called happy. What about you?

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I really wanna go to Denmark

Canada rocks!!!

I live in Finland! :) not in the capital tho, in the countryside:) I love living in here, because of many things. I love our nature and seasons, education is good, people are so honest and nice and it's so safe to live in here. Well that sounded cheesy:D but welcome to Finland! :)

What about Vanuatu?? That place is amazing. Voted the happiest place on Earth twice. And it's true!!!

I live in Holland, and for a couple of years I have actually lived in Utrecht and in my opinion, people in Utrecht (or in Holland at all for that matter) are not that happy due to the bad economy and the fact that is life very busy here, everything is about making a lot of money, have a career and more that shows off how much you have made it in life. There isn't that much time for fun things. I have also lived in the Caribbean for a while, the people there seemed to be so happy en thankful for everything in life though compared to what we have in Holland they have nothing. I have learned a lot from that and how lucky I am as being born in Holland if you look at the material stuff and chances you get when it comes to education and jobs. But to be honest I would trade all the things I own, just to live in a small apartment with just the basic things in life and be as happy as my friends in the Caribbean are. But I also think that everyone has another 'happy place' in this world, for me that is a specific country in the Caribbean but for someone else it might actually be Utrecht...

I find it strange that all these places are in Northern Europe.

I live in Helsinki, Finland. It's quite peaceful here, even though this is the capital of the city. There are a lot of activities; movie theaters, museums, coffee shops, malls, beaches and a lot of other things. People could be a little bit nicer. Teenagers are annoying, believe me. Some of them smoke and drink. If you want to visit Finland, Helsinki is pretty and full of activities :)

Disney should be here

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