7 of the World's Most Spiritual Destinations ...

If you want your travels to have a deeper meaning, the worldโ€™s spiritual destinations should be on your wish list. Spiritual destinations are where you connect with your location and more importantly yourself. Itโ€™s more of a pilgrimage than a journey!

1. Japan - Circuit of Temples (Buddhism)

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Japan has a special culture but did you know one of its most revered spiritual destinations is a unique circuit made up of 88 temples? According to Buddhist belief, the number eighty eight is equivalent to โ€œthe evil human passionsโ€ but you can be liberated by finishing this sacred circuit. The temples are on the island of Shikoku and modern pilgrims, like you, can do the entire 1500 kms circuit by bus, starting in Tokushimi. Traditionalists still do the circuit by walking but whether by bus or walking, itโ€™s regarded as having deep spiritual meaning.

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