7 Places to Escape the Tourist Crowds ...

When you’ve been saving hard for and looking forward to your vacation for a long time, and if peace and quiet is high is on your agenda, you’ll be looking for places to escape the tourist crowds. Our world is huge and fantastic and you don’t have to be one of the herd heading for the major and most well known attractions. There are amazing sights and experiences to be had all over – just like in these places to escape the tourist crowds.

1. Laurentians, Quebec

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There are times when every traveler wants to find places to escape the tourist crowds and such a place is Laurentian Mountains region in Quebec. It’s a region with three distinct areas to discover and explore: Upper Laurentian has a mountain vista with countless rivers and lakes. It’s where you can swim and hike and admire hardy scenery in peace; Laurentian Gateway is made up of small rural roads and country trails and only a short way from Montreal; and the Heartland is peaceful but with restaurants, a modern art museum, hotels and golf courses situated in stunning natural surroundings.

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