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We all have a list of places we want to visit as part of our bucket list, one of the top ones on my list is Greece. I remember I first fell in love with the idea when Lena from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants took her trip to Santorini, Greece. The crystal clear water, peaceful beaches, and beautiful infrastructure completely blew me away and ever since then it has been my dream to one day end up in Greece.

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Oia, Santorini

Thíra,town,coast,sea,cityscape, Via Las islas Cícladas más bonitas

One of the most beautiful and picturesque villages of Santorini, Greece located on top of an impressive cliff.


Mykonos, Greece

Navagio Bay,landform,geographical feature,cliff,coast, Via Friday Favorites

Greek island, Mykonos that very closely resembles a paradise island.


Navagio Beach, Zakynthos

Navagio Bay,sea,ocean,reflection,coast, Via Top 10 Paradise Beaches In ...

Strikingly beautiful and probably the most photographed beach in Greece that is also known as 'The Shipwreck' because of the wreck of a ship, Panagiotis.


Melissani Cave, Kefalonia

landform,geographical feature,sea cave,cave,vehicle, Via Pin-Up Live!

Incredible picture of a tour through the Melissani Cave, with crystal clear water you probably have never seen before.


Acropolis of Athens

structure,historic site,landmark,ancient roman architecture,ancient greek temple, Via bucketlist

Aside from beautiful landscapes, Greece has ancient buildings with historic significance such as the Acropolis of Athens, which is an ancient citadel that is located above the city of Athens.


Samos, a Greek Island

Kokkari,leisure,caribbean,resort,vacation, Via Top 10 Greek Islands you ...

Greek Island in the eastern Aegean Sea with views that will surely blow your mind.


Old Bridge of Plaka in Epirus, Northwestern Greece

bridge,devil's bridge,river,water,arch bridge, Via The historical bridge of Plaka ...

Beautiful work of art that carries great history and legends along with it.


Seaside, Mykonos

Little Venice,water,town,sea,winter, Via Places I would like to ...

Now who would refuse to grab a bite in a location where the waves hit right at your feet?


Giola Lagoon, Thassos

sea,marine biology,ocean,water,reef, Via Escape in a Lagoon Wallpaper ...

An epically gorgeous natural pool, which looks out right onto the Aegean Sea. Definitely a place you want to escape to one day!


Turquoise Blue Water

sea,ocean,coast,shore,wind wave, Via bucketlist

Yet another crazy beautiful place to dive into during your visit especially during the summer time.


Theogefiro, Zitsa

nature reserve,landform,geographical feature,body of water,stream, Via Interesting

Taking a long hike to see a place like this is worth the trouble and time!


Santorini, Greece

body of water,sea,vacation,snow,coast, Via All sizes | Santorini | ...

Another beautiful view from a village in Santorini during sunset.


Natural Swimming Pool in Thassos Island

landform,coast,cliff,sea,terrain, Via Amazing

Mother nature and beautiful landscape at its finest!


Rock Diving in Agia Napa, Cyprus

sea,shore,landform,coast,ocean, Via Cyprus. Agia Napa.

Rock diving in paradise for all of the adventure seekers!


Beneath the Ionian Sea, Sidari

marine biology,underwater,sea,ocean,reef, Via sidari

Clear view of the bottom of the Ionian Sea, not something you get to see on a daily basis!


Lalaria Beach, Skiathos

sea,ocean,marine biology,reef,coral reef, Via Lalareality

Coming from New York City, seeing things through the clear water on a beach is definitely a new experience.


Ocean View, Syros

wall,window,art,ancient history,wood, Via Untitled

Breath-taking capture of the window view in St. Stefanos, Syros.


A Hot Tub in a CAVE in Santorini

landform,geological phenomenon,sand,snow, Via twitter.com

This is not your typical hot tub in the back of someone's yard!


Agia Paraskevi Platanias, Skiathos

sea,ocean,coast,evening,ice, Via Pictures – Amazing Pictures - ...

Just imagine watching the sunrise under these circumstances!


Ithaka Island


Gorgeous island with too many tourist attractions to offer.


Nafplio, Peloponnese

tree,flower,plant,season,woody plant, Via bucketlist

Seaport town in the Peloponnese, Greece where even the sidewalks look like they just came out of a picture book.


Parga Old Town

Harbor,landform,geographical feature,coast,shore, Via Splendid Buildings & Houses

Clear water, beautiful architecture, and greenery everywhere, what more can you ask for?


Alley in Ioannina City, Epirus

town,property,plaza,courtyard,tourism, Via Wonderful Greece

In Epirus even things as common as alleys seem completely foreign and new.


Alley in Paros Island

wall,courtyard,backyard,home,yard, Via Alley in Paros island ~ ...

Colorful and graphic alley of Paros Island.



Meteora,building,ruins,ancient history,monastery, Via Experience medieval monasteries in Meteora, ...

Striking and historic place of the medieval monastery, surrounded by picture-perfect landscape.


Beautiful Lake in Greece

geographical feature,cave,landform,sea cave,formation, Via Things that I want to ...

Gorgeous snap of beautiful scenery, which just intoxicates us with the desire to travel.


Katikies Hotel Cave Pool

blue,landform,geographical feature,sea,ocean, Via Katikies Hotel Cave Pool, Greece

Greece offers luxurious hotels which make the stay completely worth it.


Colorful Santorini

amusement park,water park,inflatable,park,recreation, Via twitter.com

Spectacular sneak peek of colorful Santorini with almost an animated feel.



property,house,vacation,town,resort, Via bloglovin.com

Wider shot of a village in Santorini in all its beauty!


Clear Blue Water

Zakynthos, Blue Caves,geographical feature,landform,sea,sea cave, Via The List of Top Amazing ...

Yet another place in Greece, with glassy body of water and stunning view.


Quaint Cobblestone Street in the Village of Molyvos on Lesvos

estate,flower,courtyard,home,mansion, Via Molyvos village in Lesvos, Greece. ...

Even taking a walk down this cobblestone street would be a moment to remember.


Luxury in Greece

swimming pool,ocean,sea,vehicle,caribbean, Via 25 Amazing Resorts & Hotels ...

Amazing resort in Greece that is surrounded by crystal blues.


Perissa Beach, Santorini

Hotel Perissa,landform,geographical feature,sea,bay, Via Kendrasmiles4u - Perissa Beach,Santorini,Greece on ...

If only our murky beaches were as stunning as the Perissa beach.



flower,season,floristry,art,street, Via Places

Gorgeous streets of Crete for a perfect romantic getaway!


Lake Pamvotida, Ioannina, Epirus

reflection,water,body of water,dock,sea, Via Winter

Even during the colder climates, Greece manages to never lose its appeal.


Triopetra, Crete

sea,coast,shore,ocean,cliff, Via IMG_0649, Triopetra, Τριόπετρα

Absolutely astonishing shot of blissful wonderland.



leisure,swimming pool,vacation,resort,caribbean, Via Greece Beauties : Photo

For someone who has lived in a city all his or her life, a place like this is a perfect getaway for a complete change of scenery.


Icaria, is a Greek Island in the Aegean Sea

marine biology,sea,reef,underwater,swimming, Via Greece

Seems like a place that can get your mind off your worries and instead offer a taste of what heaven would feel like.

Greece is a place where you can truly learn to appreciate nature, architecture and history. It's a place that offers breathtaking views and moments of complete bliss. Which place would you be visiting first on your trip to Greece?

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Greece is the one place I want to visit more than anywhere

Always wanted to go to Greece!!! Now even more!!😍😍

Live here✌️

I'm glad to see Cyprus on the list! It's a hidden gem in the Mediterranean that is often overlooked ... Great list!

Don't need the photos. A love of Greek culture is driving me crazy since I can't go.

So funny you said in ur intro that u first fell in love with Greece when u saw Lena travel there in Sisterhood of the Traveling pants. That was the EXACT same readon why I was enticed to visit as well! I was blessed with the opportunity to go a year later after seeing the movie in 2009 for ten days :) It is absolutely breathtaking. The pictures dont do any justice to how beautiful that country and that Deep blue water really is. I hope u can mark it off ur bucket list also soon.

Is it better to bring your family or go yourself? I want to experience every corner of Sartini and my family aren't really much into traveling but spending time together.


I'm on holiday in Greece right now and it is beautiful ! The island, Rhodes, is so peaceful and the locals are kind too !

Just came from a three week trip to Greece, and it had to be the best experience of my life! Highly recommend it to anyone!

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