28 Snowy Scenes That Will Make You Want to Take a Winter Vacation ...

By Eliza

28 Snowy Scenes That Will Make You Want to Take a Winter Vacation ...

Where I live, snowy scenes are par for the course in the wintertime. While I'm not a huge fan of the snow when I have to go out in it, I love snowy scenes when I'm inside and don't have to worry about getting all wet and sloppy. Whether you see snow where you live in the winter or not, these pictures are sure to inspire a winter vacation this year.

1 By the Water

By the Water Via Stunning Beauty, Landscape and Vehicle ...
Snowy scenes take on even more beauty when they are by the water, whether it's a lake or river.

2 City Scene

City Scene Via Here It Is...Your Winter Survival ...
Untouched snow in the city is so pretty before it turns all muddy and sloppy.

3 Forest Sunrise

Forest Sunrise Via Pine Forest by WM ArtPhoto.se
The sun might melt a lot of this snow, but for now it remains gorgeous.

4 On the Farm

On the Farm Via 15 Winter Pinterest Picks - ...
There is just something about a fresh snowfall on a farm that is so appealing.

5 Covered Trees

Covered Trees Via bloglovin.com
One of my favorite things about snow is when it covers the trees.

6 Wooded Lane

Wooded Lane Via Snowy fence line: Digital Photography ...
I can imagine taking a walk down this lane and stopping to build a snowman.

7 Big Red Barn

Big Red Barn Via Big Flakes
Here's another peaceful snowy farm. Pretty, isn't it?

8 Moonlit Snowscape

Moonlit Snowscape Via Stunning Nature Photography by Veronika ...
This is view I'd never get tired of seeing out my window.

9 Birch Grove in Snow

Birch Grove in Snow Via Georgianna Lane
I love how the trees look when they are coated in fresh snowflakes.

10 Telluride, Colorado

Telluride, Colorado Via The Epoch Times | Spring ...
I've been here and it's just as beautiful in real life.

11 Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland Via bloglovin.com
I bet it's super quiet walking through this place.

12 Breathtaking Bridge

Breathtaking Bridge Via Bridge Reflections by Jane Linders
For some reason, a bridge covered in snow always makes for a stunning photograph.

13 Another Snowy Bridge

Another Snowy Bridge Via A View of a Snow-Covered ...
Here's another beautiful bridge in the wintertime.

14 With a Deer

With a Deer Via forrest deer
There's nothing like a deer in the snow to make me feel happy.

15 Snowy Lane

Snowy Lane Via Winter Landscapes - Simply Stacie
A walk through here would be a great place for some photographs, don't you think?

16 In the Moutains

In the Moutains Via Stunning Winter Landscapes by Mark ...
There is just so much to love about snow in the mountains.

17 All White

All White Via I Need to Start Eating ...
Even the swan in this snowy scene is white. Beautiful!

18 Forest Meadow

Forest Meadow Via The 10 Most Inspiring Natural ...
If I came upon this in the woods, it would take my breath away.

19 Big Old Farmhouse

Big Old Farmhouse Via A Farmhouse Christmas - The ...
Living here would be stunning in a winter snow storm. I can see myself cozying up to a fire with hot chocolate.

20 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands Via 123picsi.blogspot.com
A trip here in the wintertime would be lucky if it looks like this.

21 Icy Water

Icy Water Via Beautiful Winter Scenes (15 photos)
The icy water in this scene makes it a true sight to behold.

22 Breaking up the Clouds

Breaking up the Clouds Via Dog Beds, Gates, Crates, Collars, ...
As the clouds break and the snow comes out, the snow takes on a sparkle that you'll love.

23 Washington D.C. Blizzard

Washington D.C. Blizzard Via nytimes.com
A blizzard can definitely be an inconvenience, but it sure it pretty, isn't it?

24 Cozy Cabin

Cozy Cabin Via Log in | Tumblr
A cozy cabin in the mountains would be an ideal place to spend a winter vacation.

25 Near Mt. Hood

Near Mt. Hood Via Interesting Photo Of The Day: ...
I'd call myself lucky indeed to see this scene in person.

26 Mackinac Bridge

Mackinac Bridge Via Eerie Mackinac Bridge photo makes ...
I'm not sure I'd want to drive over this bridge covered in snow, but it sure is nice to look at.

27 Misty Morning

Misty Morning Via Misty Morning by Julie Lueders
When the mist rises on a snowy morning, it makes it easier to go out and take on the day, no matter how cold it is.

28 Sunrise in the Snowy Woods

Sunrise in the Snowy Woods Via Sunrise in the snowy woods ...
Totally beautiful, isn't it?

What's your favorite thing about a snowy day? There is something magical about a snow day, even if it's the kids who get the day off now and not me. Which one of these is your favorite photo?

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