Alternative Places to Spend Christmas ...

There’s still time to make a getaway for Christmas and you don’t need the magic of Santa’s sleigh to do it. If you want something different this Christmas, there’s a seasonal welcome in these places.

1. Budapest, Hungary

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If you're on a budget and looking for a fantastic Christmas destination, charming and beautiful Budapest in Hungary is the thing for you. From its traditional Christmas market in picturesque Vörösmarty Square to the cute night trams that are lit up with zillions of LEDs during the Holidays, the Hungarian capital will put Yuletide smiles on your face and fill your Santa sack with cheap, but lovely hand-crafted presents and trinkets. Budapest's Christmas market is one of the most affordable in Europe and is great for last-minute gift shopping. There's practically guaranteed snowfall, which means you get to defrost your digits in the Széchenyi, Budapest's largest thermal bath, afterwards.

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