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If you dream of escaping the holiday madness or you're simply tired of the same old family party, heading away to one of the less traditional destinations for Christmas may be just the right thing for you. There are quite a few amazing places to spend the holidays that you will absolutely fall in love with! Whether you miss hot summer days and beach getaways or want to experience uncommon holiday traditions or cultures, you can surely find something to fit you. Here are 9 less traditional destinations for Christmas you have to check out!

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Taos, New Mexico

Taos, New Mexico A rich catholic heritage combined with deeply rooted Native American beliefs and a fondness for unusual and enchanting holiday celebrations is what makes Taos one of the most intriguing and less traditional destinations for Christmas that you may truly enjoy.


Mount Roraima

Mount Roraima This exotic South American location is truly a marvel to behold. There are many legends about the unique flat mountain, one of them being that it used to be the stump of a great tree which, at one time, held all the fruit in the world.


Sigiriya Rock in Sri Lanka

Sigiriya Rock in Sri Lanka One of Sri Lanka’s most beautiful and historically significant sites, Sigiriya Rock offers a stunning view of the surrounding countryside, as well as a unique glimpse into the life of a kingdom of King Kasyapa – who built a majestic fortress on top of the imposing Sigiriya Rock more than 1600 years ago.


The Papayago Peninsula in Costa Rica

If you miss the warm sun pampering your skin, this is one of the less traditional destinations for Christmas you will surely want to visit. With beautiful sandy beaches, a stunning view of the Pacific and some of the most comfortable luxury accommodation options in Central America, the Papagayo Peninsula is great for anything from surfing and snorkeling, to relaxing on the beach and enjoying fine local delicacies.


The Cook Islands

The Cook Islands The Cook Islands are one of the friendliest places you can go to, whether you want to celebrate the winter holidays or just relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The locals are very welcoming, holding special dances and festivities at Christmas that you shouldn't miss out on. You can also enjoy a relaxing day at the beach, go snorkeling and watch the captivating sunset on the west side of Aitutaki Island.


Phowintaung, Myanmar

Phowintaung, Myanmar Phowintaung offers some great places of peace and quiet where you can truly relax, escape the hype of the Christmas holidays, and explore Myanmar's (Burma) rich cultural heritage. The complex of almost 1,000 richly decorated caves will certainly keep you busy throughout your vacation.


North Tanzania

If you love the idea of an African safari or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, going to North Tanzania should be on your list of Christmas wishes this year. The area is also home to the Tarangire National Park – one of the most amazing natural wonders in Africa!


Paraty in Brazil

Paraty in Brazil Paraty's unique, well-preserved colonial architecture, beautiful rainforest landscapes, stunning beaches and rich cultural heritage will surely make for an eventful, informative and relaxing Christmas vacation.


Krabi’s White Sand Beaches in Thailand

If you love a white Christmas, but don't really like to touch the cold snow, the white sand beaches in Krabi are the perfect alternative. Here, you can relax under the sun all day, and all the madness surrounding the holidays will be far, far away from you. Don't forget to try your hand at building a sand snowman!

I'd love to visit any one of these amazing places, no matter the time of the year. Where do you dream of going with your loved ones this Christmas? Or would you rather stay home?


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Love non traditional amazing places wow thanks

Have been to krabi. Absolutely beautiful

Taos is absolutely incredible! The skiing scene is huge there,and the little shops are adorably rustic

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