10 Fantastically Festive Places to Celebrate the New Year ...


10 Fantastically Festive Places to Celebrate the New Year ...
10 Fantastically Festive Places to Celebrate the New Year ...

Celebrate the New Year **in popular spots or unexpected places. As the year winds down and holiday festivities draw to close, the over indulgence induced slumber now takes a back seat, as the time to **Celebrate the New Year draws closer. Parties of epic proportions go on right through the night, all over the globe, as an excellent excuse to Celebrate New Year and say good bye to the old one. Some of the most incredible parties are notoriously held in the same location every year, and each year as the word gets out, the number of people that pour into the cities and towns to Celebrate New Year grow in leaps and bounds each year. Here are the Top 10 Fantastically Festive Places to Celebrate the New Year.

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GOA, India

Goa, one of the party capitals of the world, the land of sun, sea and never ending cocktails, this Indian Island Paradise is one of the most unlikely heaven sent party locations in the world. Until you see it, you wouldn’t believe it: swaying palm trees line the vast, unspoiled beaches, where white sand merges with crystal blue waters. Luxurious but rustic beachside Island huts are scattered all over the coastline and you can literally put your foot out on the sand and mingle with the party goers. Goa is becoming notorious as one of the most epic locations to celebrate the New Year, and if you have the stamina, join in on some of the parties go on for four days straight.



Join some 1 million people to celebrate, in Times Square, New York, as they continue with a tradition from the early 1900’s and gather in the nippy, damp cold to experience the electric atmosphere that this event is renowned for. People come from all over the world to see a legendary event take place, with the most anticipated part being where they drop the electric light and crystal ball from the top of One Times Square. Definitely a once in a lifetime experience not to be missed, even in the middle of winter, the festivities make you forget all about the cold.



Now, taking it up a notch in the party department means that Las Vegas, definitely not with a reputation for the tame and demure, continues to earn its well earned status as the ultimate bad boy capital of the world, as they close the streets of the strip to traffic and open it to party animals. Not for the faint hearted, as thousands of party goers get their taste of what Sin City is all about, and without a doubt, the city pulls out all the stops when it comes time to celebrate the New Year. Cocktail in hand, dance through the streets of Las Vegas and bear witness to the biggest firework display this side of the Nevada Desert.


The BRANDENBURG GATE, Berlin, Germany

Making Las Vegas look like the refined parent when it comes that time of the year to celebrate, Berlin takes the party vibe to a whole other level. Behind the gate will open the road to epic festivities, as the 1.2 mile long ‘’Party Mile’’ heaves with music, dancing, a gigantic fireworks fest, beer, beer and more beer, food stands with cuisine from around the world , i.e blotting paper for all that beer. 17th June Street welcomes the New Year in with stupendous celebrations and thousands of serious party goers fill the massive open-air disco and dance the night away to live performing artists, international DJ’s, complete with laser and light shows.



Famous for its sidewalk bars and street cafes, Frenchmen Street in New Orleans is where the locals come out to play. Come to celebrate the New Year and be prepared to expect the unexpected, wild bohemian behaviour, way out costumes, street drinking and dancing, full out brass bands and general tomfoolery. Did I mention drinking? It is New Orleans after all, and the party is on!

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Starting at 1pm in the afternoon, festivities begin as this harbor literally booms into party mode as it begins to prepare to celebrate, by firing the Sydney Harbor cannon. With excellent summer weather and cold, cold beer, the party is on, as more than a million people descend on the city to experience the world renowned fireworks display, the ‘’Harbor of Light’’ and party way into the early hours of the morning.



Think of Rio and your mind just automatically conjures up images of bikinis, beaches, cocktails and parties. When you get to Rio, it’s like opening your eyes and having your dreams come true. There may not be a more spectacular spot to celebrate the New Year, other than Brazil. With more than 4 km of beach being turned into one, massive party that the locals know as ‘’Reveillon’’, with everybody dressed in white and partying till dawn, this is one spot you do not want to miss.



Epic is an understatement when coming to Niagara Falls to celebrate. Fast becoming one of the world’s biggest New Years Eve party sites party animals have ever seen. Arranged by the Niagara Parks Commission, the free NYE concert has everything going for it, nowhere in the world can this back drop be matched. Fireworks, cocktails and 30,000 friends still to make. Nothing can quite compete with that.


PRAGUE, Czech Republic

The eclectic ambiance of Prague and the hive of holiday activities literally brings the city alive with all the goings on, so it's a great place to celebrate the New Year. If you don’t feel like hand held fireworks, clubbing, street dancing, drinking and behaving badly, then perhaps the New Years’ Eve Gala Ball at the Prague State Opera is for you. With rowdy, wild parties aloft, a civilized evening in Prague may hard to come by, party into the sunrise along the Vlatava River; it will knock your socks off.



The romance and mystery of this 9th Century hot spot, has long been known as a revelers haven, since the likes of Coco Chanel and Kirk Douglas came along and marked the town with their stamp of approval. Heating up the slopes with hot wine and singing festive songs, whilst blazed in the glory of a magnificent fireworks display is as romantic as it gets, and for a memorable one, don’t drink too much of the nice, hot, gluwien.

There are tons of places to celebrate the New Year both state side and abroad. December 31st and January 1st are important dates in the Western Calendar and New Year deserves a special celebration. If you can’t make it to one of these Fantastically Festive Places to Celebrate the New Year, find a wonderful location close to home and party party party! Where are you spending New Year 2012? Let us know your favorite places to celebrate the New Year!

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You totally missed Edinburgh scotland, they have a amazing new years celebration and it's larger than NY's!

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