The Most Relaxing US Destinations for Laid Back Girls ...


The Most Relaxing US Destinations for Laid Back Girls ...
The Most Relaxing US Destinations for Laid Back Girls ...

Tourist-saturated destinations do not always equal a fabulously relaxing vacation. Sometimes you just need to get away, really away. Forget tourist hot spots and head to somewhere more remote but beautiful.

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Dry Tortugas – Florida

Dry Tortugas – Florida This is a small island about 70 miles off Key West that is perfect for a chilled but fun adventure. Dry Tortugas can only be reached by boat or seaplane, and its beaches are dotted with abandoned boats that once carried Cuban asylum seekers. The snorkeling here is amazing, as fish flock to the Jefferson Fort walls for shelter.


Carova Beach – North Carolina

Carova Beach – North Carolina Carova Beach provides visitors with sand banks that go as far out as you can get, and there are not hotels, just quaint vacation homes that make your stay feel much more relaxed and comfortable. Eleven miles of beach with always-warm water are great for sea-based sports.


Olympic Coast – Washington

Olympic Coast – Washington There are plenty of spots to choose from along this 73-mile stretch of protected American coastline. The perfect location for camping, the preferred activities for the area are things like kayaking, hiking and bird watching. All at your own pace, of course!


Snowmass – Colorado

Snowmass – Colorado A ski resort that is perfect during the summer when the snow melts away to reveal breathtakingly gorgeous mountains! You can engage in activities like mountain biking and fly fishing, but equally you can just sit back and enjoy some signature cocktails with a stunning view!


Stowe – Vermont

Stowe – Vermont A quintessential slice of Vermont right here. Mountains, check. Rivers, check. Covered bridges, check. Horseback riding, check! A great place for a foodie to visit with a large number of farm-to-table restaurants waiting to share their delicious produce.


Poconos – Pennsylvania

Poconos – Pennsylvania Poconos is something of a hidden gem, with a casino and NASCAR track for active days and a great agritourism trail for coming across some relaxed attractions like wineries, breweries and distilleries.


Sebago Lake – Maine

Sebago Lake – Maine A true hidden wonder, a huge lake in the middle of Maine that feels more like an ocean! It’s super deep and scattered with small islands with nice beaches. Living proof that you don’t have to travel to the coast to enjoy some summer waterfronts!


Flathead Lake – Montana

Flathead Lake – Montana This is the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi and is a popular destination for boaters, fishermen and tourists who are interested in the culture of the Flathead Indian Reservation. It’s perhaps a quieter destination than others, but full of interesting history for a laid back visit.


Crater Lake – Oregon

Crater Lake – Oregon This is the deepest lake in the whole of the USA, and the blue color of the water is like something you wouldn’t believe! Add to the this the overwhelmingly beautiful cliff scenery that surrounds it and you have a destination that makes for an unforgettably relaxing trip to marvel at the wonders of nature.


Lake Powell – Utah/Arizona

Lake Powell – Utah/Arizona This is a super popular destination for those with houseboats, and you can rent one to explore the red rock scenery of the lake that is not actually accessible by foot. It’s pretty awesome to basically be able to take your hotel room with wherever you go!


Sonoma County – California

Sonoma County – California Sonoma County is basically the lesser-known little sister of Napa, and while the bachelorette parties might be fewer, the wines are still as plentiful and delicious! Pleasingly, the county is also committed to 100% sustainability by 2019, and is already half way there.


Virginia Wine Country – Virginia

Virginia Wine Country – Virginia What could be more laid back than exploring a region where there are more than 250 different wineries to visit and sample from? Thanks to Thomas Jefferson who started the push for a wine region, you can now sample cabernet sauvignons and chardonnays to your heart’s content.


Finger Lakes – New York

Finger Lakes – New York Part of picturesque New York that thankfully hasn’t been completely taken over by tourists. Comprised of four distinct trails to follow, Cayuga Lake was actually the country’s very first wine trail and it possesses some amazing views of waterfalls as you go by.


Santa Barbara Wine Country – California

Santa Barbara Wine Country – California You might think that this region is exclusive for the rich middle classes, but there are plenty of establishments within the wine country that are super down to earth and provide a really laid back and enjoyable visit.


Canyon Ranch – Massachusetts

Canyon Ranch – Massachusetts This is a new age style wellness retreat that has several other locations in places like Vegas and Tucson. The retreat is housed in an old Bellefontaine mansion that still boasts its original library. The history of the building will definitely contribute to your feelings of relaxation!


Little St. Simon’s Island – Georgia

Little St. Simon’s Island – Georgia You can rent a private lodge on this island that is filled with all of the must-haves for a secluded, laid back getaway. The island is super friendly too, with a nightly cocktail hour some delicious local food options to get your mouth watering.


Travaasa - Austin, Texas

Travaasa - Austin, Texas The Travaasa resort offers visitors an all-inclusive experience of Texas, from sunrise hikes to wine tastings and even a mechanical bull workout! You can pick your activities to be as intensive or as laid back as you want, but the amount of options is really amazing.

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