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8 Best Girlfriend Getaways in the US ...

By Neecey

Women all over the world are embracing the concept of girlfriend getaways. The chance to abandon all responsibility and get away from the office and grumpy husbands, and go a girlfriend vacation is a chance that just about every woman would jump at. As more and more women only holidays are becoming popular, here are 8 Best Girlfriend Getaways in the US:

1 San Francisco

If you are into food, then San Francisco is girlfriends getaway heaven. San Fran, as it also affectionately known, is home to the Ferry Building and Farmers Market. Sheer culinary Mecca, San Fran is located on the fringes of the gorgeous California coastline and is the perfect destination for a girl’s weekend away. Great weather, fab shopping, exciting entertainment, (cultural attractions if you must!), lots of excellent wine and beautiful scenery are the only ingredients needed.

2 Las Vegas

With a well-oiled reputation for being the party capital of the world, Sin City is the pure epitome of luxury, opulence and indulgence. If you are after the ultimate party, non-stop cocktails, back to back excitement and very little sleep, then Las Vegas is the perfect place to let your hair down. Meander down the famous Las Vegas strip and let your inner jungle woman run free.

3 Austin, Texas

A retail therapy enthusiast’s haven, Austin has something for perfect girlfriend getaways. And if you are just jetting in for the weekend, be sure not to miss any of their exciting live music line up. See live jazz, indie and rock bands and boogie the night away, which is the perfect ending to a long day of shopping and fun with the girls.

4 New York

It is something of a contradiction to come to New York to slow down, when it is one of the world’s busiest cities. But without kids or responsibilities, New York is one of the perfect girlie vacation destinations. Paint the town red, see a real live Broadway show, stay out late a dinner and just feel free to explore the city that never sleeps. Take advantage of not having to be home to put kids to bed or to make dinner.

5 Los Angeles

Looking for the ultimate vacations with BFFs? LA is one place where you can experience life like a celebrity, dress up to the nines. Stroll nonchalantly down the glorious Rodeo Drive, even if you can’t actually afford to come out with an arm full of parcels straight out of Dolce and Gabanna or Louis Vitton. Experience the glamorous life of the Malibu girls who shop and play here every day.

6 Napa Valley

The Napa Valley is totally geared up for an all girls getaway, and offer breakaway packages just for women who are looking for a total escape from the pressures of home life, doing the school run, making dinner, fighting with kids to do homework and preschool tantrums. Embrace the very best of wine country, enjoy a luxurious massage at a Napa Valley Spa, have a mud bath and feast on the Californian coast’s best wines and delicious food.

7 Miami, Florida

Miami offers up perfect vacations for girls all year round. With the perfect weather and the gorgeous beaches, the tropical paradise is a haven for girls looking to get away from it all. The gorgeous sunshine from sunrise to sunset makes it easy to put the top down on the car and have the carefree holiday of your life. Enjoy the beaches and the vibrant nightlife, not forgetting to partake of the vibrant food scene amid the funky architecture.

8 New Orleans, Louisiana

It might be famous for the rocking Mardi Gras that pumps through New Orleans, but there is so much more to experience in down South. Alive with the spirit that pulled the city from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans has never forgotten how to party. The lively and vibrant French Quarter has an effervescent feel, heaving with revelers and vivacious locals. Experience the jazz of Bourbon Street and the true spirit of Louisiana on your girl’s weekend away.

There is nothing quite like a girls getaway to get away from the pressures of a busy life. Vacations with BFFs can take you back to your carefree days and give you the chance to connect, completely uninterrupted. If you were looking for a girls only vacation, which one of these 8 Best Girlfriend Getaways in the US would you choose?

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