9 Best Female Hostels for Girls Traveling ...

The best hostels for females are fun places to stay on your travels. If you are traveling solo, they give you extra peace of mind. If you’re with the girls, you can be surrounded by more girls. There are some great benefits the best hostels for females have over others which range from all-girl dorms and free toiletries, to better and more comfortable décor and even free champagne!

1. Melbourne, Australia. Base Hostel

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Ladies, you’ll discover the Base Hostel is one of the best hostels for females on the move. Imagine free champagne each night. Bonus shampoo and conditioner for your exclusive use. A cup of tea or coffee in bed to make your weekend extra special. And, wait for it - hair straighteners and hair dryers available whenever you like! If your hair hasn’t been looking quite as sleek as you’d like, a few days spent at Base in the female-only sanctuary will sort that out and have you feeling fabulous.

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