Romantic Destinations for Couples That've Been Together for 5 Years ...


Romantic Destinations for Couples That've Been Together for 5 Years ...
Romantic Destinations for Couples That've Been Together for 5 Years ...

If you’ve been together for a few years now you want a vacation that keeps the romance alive but that also has plenty of things to enjoy together. It should be a destination that has opportunities for things you love to do together and also great views to take photos for lasting memories, restaurants to share great meals and of course places to walk hand in hand. Places like these:

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Fez - Morocco

Fez - Morocco One of the most undeniably romantic destinations for couples is Fez, Morocco. There is something magical about the place that will make you feel like are traveling together for the very first time all over again, and with a rich culture to explore and interesting people to meet, you will build memories together that will last a life time.


Big Sky – Montana

Big Sky – Montana If you want to stay domestic, then go somewhere like Big Sky, Montana, a location that offers stunning views of West Yellowstone Park and gives you and your partner the opportunity to ‘glamp’ in the midst of some of the most stunning natural beauty that the country has to offer.


Rio De Janeiro – Brazil

Rio De Janeiro – Brazil Rio is a hot destination this year, with the 2016 Olympics not far away, so what better time to visit with your loved one that when the city has undergone something of a transformation in order to host the biggest sporting event in the world? You will never want to leave the pristine beaches that are connected to crystal clear, warm ocean waters.


Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia Saint Lucia is not only a tranquil place where you are your loved one can leave your troubles behind and bask in the glorious sunshine, but if you happen to have children, there are also a lot of activities and clubs that will be able to keep them occupied so you can catch up on some much needed rest and recreation!


Sitges – Spain

Sitges – Spain Around 40 minutes outside of Barcelona, Sitges is something of a hidden gem in Spain that should be visited by absolutely everybody if they ever get the chance. The town is super bohemian, which makes for a really relaxed and stress free week or two by the sea. It’s very different to the Costas of Southern Spain.


Brasov, Romania

Brasov, Romania Romania might not be the first destination you think about when considering a vacation, but the country is, at the moment, one of the cheapest to visit and stay in, and the quaint historical town of Brasov will make you feel like you are living in an old school fairy tale with its classic architecture and friendly locals.


Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, South Korea If you fancy traveling all the way to Asia, then Seoul has a reputation for being a great tourist city for loved up couples. There is a special place on top of Namsan Tower where couples can sit on heart shaped benches and take selfies that can be added to the ever-growing wall of lovers that is located nearby. If you’re so inclined, you can also add your love lock to the masses already there.


Puerto Plata – Dominican Republic

Puerto Plata – Dominican Republic If you want to travel somewhere to try to recapture that ‘just married’ feeling that overwhelmed you when you first got together, then head to the Dominican Republic. The sense of privacy and peace that you get on the beautiful beaches will make it feel like you are the only two people in the entire world!


Istria – Croatia

Istria – Croatia If you and your one true love share a passion for amazing food, then you absolutely must visit Istria in Croatia. The region is renowned for its gourmet markets and stunning fresh fish dishes. Hopefully you will be able to pick up a few tips and carry them on for the rest of your relationship!

Happy vacations!

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