17 of the World's 🌎 Best πŸ‘ Rooftop Bars 🍹 ...

Rooftop bars have always been a super cool place to go and hang out with your friends, or go out on a date, but you know what has made them even more popular than they ever were before? Instagram! There is nothing better than taking a suave or sexy selfie with the stunning view that a rooftop bar can give you in the background. Not only does it give you an amazing view to enjoy your drinks, but it also gives you a more picturesque setting for memorable pictures! Here are 17 of the world’s best rooftop bars.

1. Pergola – London

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This is a super secluded rooftop bar in the heart of London, decorated in a hidden alfresco style with lots of luscious greenery around. It’s even got a slight covering to protect you from the British weather!

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