10 of the Smallest but Most Welcoming Bars in the World ...


10 of the Smallest but Most Welcoming Bars in the World ...
10 of the Smallest but Most Welcoming Bars in the World ...

Small Bars - the perfect place to stop off before going home, the perfect place to get away from the husband, a great reason to dump the kids on someone else or just a great place to get together with friends. Finding a welcoming but small ba**r can often be a challenge. Bars can be too noisy, too large, too bright, too dim, too crowded, too empty ... finding a bar befitting the occasion is sometimes pot luck. Here are **10 Of The Smallest But Most Welcoming Bars in The World:

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Slim’s Elbow Room

This small bar in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico only boasts 4 stools and is a great way to get a shot of liquor as it’s only presented in its pure and original form; straight from the bottle. This is a tourist hotbed where you are encouraged to sign a dollar bill and slap it on the wall or even post a picture of you enjoying a tequila-fuelled time. The range of drinks is befitting its status as one of the smallest bars as there’s only a choice of beer or tequila.


Close Quarters Pub

One of the smallest bars you will encounter is in Ohio next to Lake Erie. This packs everything you would expect in a giant bar into a mere 600 feet of space. The beer menu is fantastic and includes local made brews and you can enjoy a pint at $4.50. The chicken wings are simply scrumptious, and the company is terrific.


Mou Very

Mou Very in New Zealand boggles the mind because the bar has an estimated size of about six feet. Enjoy the selection of fine wines and beer while you can, but don’t drink too much because they haven’t even managed to fit any toilets in here! Drop in at lunchtime for heavenly fresh roasted coffee and Panini.


The Nutshell

Found in Suffolk, England, this small bar sits on an old medieval street and is believed to have served its first pint in 1867. If you are an animal lover then avoid here at all costs because stuffed animal heads and mummified cats are a part of the pub’s decor. If that doesn’t bother you, though, then prepare to taste some of the finest local brews you can find.


The Smallest Bar

One of the smallest bars in Florida is aptly called The Smallest Bar. Based on Key West this bar is about the size of a jail cell and serves beer and beach drinks a plenty. If you want to experience what it means to be in Florida then try this bar as its tropical palm tree leaves and hollowed out coconut shells will leave you dancing around until closing time at 4am.


Oasis Roadhouse

If you are not someone who cares one bit about decorations, decor, or even company, then this bar in Australia is for you as it’s conveniently based next to a gas station and only offers the most basic drinks around. If drinking is your game then take a seat in this bar, maximum of two patrons only please.


Piano Bar

One of the smallest bars in Japan is known as the Piano Bar. Sitting on the aptly named “Drunkard’s Alley” this is modelled after a German Castle which means stone walls, red velvet, and small service bells are a plenty. What it lacks in size it makes up for in charm as its patrons are encouraged to drink their beverages out of medieval glass chalices.


Smallest Whisky Bar on Earth

When they said that this bar was the smallest whisky bar on earth they weren’t joking. But this bar in Switzerland could possibly boast the largest selection of Scotch on the planet as there are an estimated 200 different types of whiskeys which can be poured here. It must be a nightmare being a trainee bartender here!


The Rake

Unlike the other bars mentioned here, if you find yourself running out of elbow room then The Rake is for you because it allows you to sit outside on the patio to drink instead. On the banks of the Thames, this small bar provides everything from an American beer to a beer all the way from Mozambique. The selection is ever changing so the only way to find out what’s on offer is to actually pay a visit.


12Sqm Bar and Cafe

This Aussie run bar in Beijing used to be one of the smallest bars in the world before it tripled in size, but it’s ok because the same cosy ambience is still present with the simply massive selection of beers and spirits complete with hot meat pies for the hungry traveler. An Australian bar in China, now you have heard it all!

These are some of the smallest bars **you can find, and they're certainly charming. Of course it’s not just a matter of mere size. These **Smallest Bars in the World are all worthy of mention because of ambience and selection of products. Visit any not to simply struggle for elbow room but to enjoy a most excellent experience. Do you have a favourite bar, local or otherwise? If you have any additions to my list of the smallest bars in the world, I'd love to hear it.

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I am so surprised a bar in Ireland hasn't been mentioned. We have a bar and a local shop all in one ! :)

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