7 of the World's Most Amazing Hotels ...


7 of the World's Most Amazing Hotels ...
7 of the World's Most Amazing Hotels ...

There was once a time when the world's most amazing hotels were made of just luxury. Now, to fall into this coveted category, a hotel must become spectacular. From hotels made of ice to hotels offering underwater living, the world's most amazing hotels take unique vacation experiences to the extremes. Many are sickeningly expensive, but awesome to look at all the same.

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Icehotel in Jukkasjarvi

Icehotel in Jukkasjarvi The ice hotel in Jukkasjarvi is not just one of the world's most amazing hotels, it one of the original amazing hotels. Both 'warm' and 'cold' accommodation is available. The hotel is 200km north of the Arctic Circle, so it certainly isn't for the faint hearted when it comes to temperatures! In the cold accommodation, you can sleep in beds made of ice, which are situated in rooms made of ice. THE most spectacular room has to be the Northern Lights room, which comes with a ceiling clear enough for guests to see the Northern Lights.


Treehotel in Harads

Treehotel in Harads If you want to get close to nature but do not like the idea of camping, the tree hotel overlooking the Lule River in Sweden is a must-do. Each 'treeroom' is suspended 4-6 meters above the ground. The rooms are also eco-friendly, they do not disturb the natural environment around them, and the wood used to build them has not been chemically treated. Sustainability is taken to great lengths here, which is definitely refreshing! One of the best rooms is 'The Bird's Nest,' which actually looks like a nest from the outside.


Atlantis in Dubai

Atlantis in Dubai Hotels are generally taken to extremes in Dubai. If there is a room concept, the architects over there execute it in record time. The Atlantis in Dubai makes it onto this list because its Poseidon and Neptune rooms are underwater. When you wake up in the morning, you can look out at the fish. Privacy doesn't get much more intimate than this.


Attrap Reves (Bubble Hotel)

Attrap Reves (Bubble Hotel) You're not going to get much closer to nature than when you sleep in a bubble. Attrap Reves in France allows you to do just that. Now, in the absence of a great eye mask, this would seriously make sleeping hard for me. I am absolutely a pitch black person when it comes to sleeping. However, the whole being able to look out at the stars and the moon at night thing astounds me. Each bubble is totally secluded, so you do not have to worry about other guests interrupting your privacy.


The Cappadocia Hotel in Turkey

The Cappadocia Hotel in Turkey Now you can take your vacation to caveman proportions by staying at the Cappadocia Hotel in Turkey. Each room is inside a little cave, but still comes with plenty of luxuries. This family-run hotel looks incredibly biblical from the outside. While there, you can take part in a Turkish cuisine course, experience a traditional wedding, and indulge in Turkish culture. This is a particularly excellent venue for yoga lovers!

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Viceroy Hotel in Bali

Viceroy Hotel in Bali Each one of the 25 private villas at the Viceroy Hotel in Bali comes with its own pool and panoramic views of the Valley of the Kings. This hotel is very much in the middle of nowhere. It is for that reason that the couple running it have worked hard to make sure guests have everything they need in one place. Whether you want a fine scotch or signature cocktail, you get it. The hotel even has its own helipad.


Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel in Bali

Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel in Bali Want your own slice of the jungle while you are away? Well, most people don't strive for that, but I'm sure most wouldn't turn down the offer either. The Ubud Hanging Gardens in Bali provides an infinity pool hanging over the jungle for each room. Some of the pools even come with little wooden islands featuring loungers. Everything about this hotel just feels a little bit magical!

Not only are these hotels astounding, there are other versions of them cropping up around the world too! Hotels built into cliffs, resorts underwater, hotels in trees...there is something out there for everyone. If I were to stay in any of these, it would be the tree hotel! I've always wanted to sleep in a tree, and never managed it during my childhood. If there is an amazing hotel you have stayed in or want to stay in, please share it here!

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