10 Really Weird Bars around the World ...

Weird bars are probably not the ones you would necessarily call your local. Most people consider a bar to be much of the same all around the world; beer on tap, greasy blotting paper food, loads of people, and a festive atmosphere. However, strange bars are everywhere, and drinking in one of these weird bars, will certainly be a night to remember. Here are 10 Really Weird Bars Around the World.

1. The Clinic, Singapore

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Exactly as the name describes, the Clinic is a hospital themed pub, fully kitted out with wheelchairs for chairs and steel operating tables for well, tables. If you order food, it will be served in a steel kidney shaped bowl. Order your drinks and sip from IV bags and test tubes. If you are feeling a little full after dinner, you can lie down on a white hospital bed and draw the hospital curtains closed around you until you regain your energy, and feel like going to boogie on the dance floor in the nightclub called Morphine.

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