Take Your Next Vacation at One of These Tiny Hotels ...


I love the idea of tiny houses, even though I know I could never live with one, so I'm nurturing an obsession with the next best thing: tiny hotels.

They allow you to stay in places you might not otherwise get to experience, they can sometimes – sometimes – be a bit cheaper.


It depends on the location, really.

You'll often find the price is worth it, however, because what these hotels lack in size, they more than make up for in design, aesthetic, and location.

1. Yotel in New York

Yotel in New York

Yotel is a tiny hotel right in Midtown Manhattan that allows you to stay right in the heart of the city without hemorrhaging money out of your bank account.

Also, the front desk has a robot porter.

A robot porter.

2. Iniala Beach House in Phuket, Thailand

Iniala Beach House in Phuket, Thailand

Staying at this hotel, it's been said, is like staying right in the center of an incredible collection of art.

In fact, some of the most famous people in the design and art worlds completely reimagined the Iniala house in 2013 and expanded it, so every piece of furniture is its own work of art.

3. Rolling Huts in Winthrop, WA

Rolling Huts in Winthrop, WA

The Rolling Huts in Winthrop, Washington, are modern and minimal, the creations of Tom Kundig.

Though the shapes and architecture are modern, the overall feel is rustic.

This is where you go when you really want to glamp.

4. Hotel Covell

Hotel Covell

Hotel Covell is in LA, located right above East LA's Bar Covell.

It's a boutique hotel on a tiny scale, all Spanish design and vintage beauty.

The theme of each room is a chapter dedicated to the life of George Covell, who's the namesake of the hotel even though he's entirely fictional.

5. No.5 Maddox St. in London

No.5 Maddox St. in London

Even the name of this tiny hotel is charming.

It's a great way to get privacy even while basking in one of the busiest neighborhoods in London.

You can choose between six suites, and they're all beautiful.2

You'll feel positively spoiled.

Tcherassi Hotel in Cartagena, Colombia
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