Hotels with Only One Room for Those Who Want Intimacy and Seclusion ...


Hotels with Only One Room for Those Who Want Intimacy and Seclusion ...
Hotels with Only One Room for Those Who Want Intimacy and Seclusion ...

Intimacy is sometimes a factor when choosing a hotel. If you’re looking for some seclusion and tranquility, maybe for a honeymoon, romantic sojourn or to escape for a while, it is definitely a factor. You can definitely find it in a hotel that has only one room. Like these charming examples:

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Eh'häusl ("the Wedding House") in Amberg, Germany

Eh'häusl ("the Wedding House") in Amberg, Germany Not only is the Eh'häusel in historic Amberg the world's second smallest hotel, it only boasts one room, guaranteeing newly-weds total privacy. Although hotels with only one room are not as unusual as you might think, the Eh'häusel certainly is: just 2.5 meters wide and measuring just 53 square meters, this snug little nest dates back to 1728 and was actually built to accommodate newly-weds. A young couple who wanted to get married could only do so if they owned a home, according to city council rules. The couple sneakily circumvented this rule by buying a narrow strip of land between two buildings and constructing a wall at the front and back, then popping a roof on the construction. There, a house fit for a very small king and queen! The council had no choice but to let the couple get married. The Wedding House is fully equipped with everything a modern couple could want, including a mini spa, flat screen TV and romantic history.


The One Hotel in Angkor, Cambodia

The One Hotel in Angkor, Cambodia Perched on top of a bistro in a French colonial townhouse, the One Hotel comes fully equipped with a modernist sleigh bed fit for a snow queen, a gorgeous Jacuzzi, iPod and mobile phone, and rooftop terrace. There's also an outdoor shower and stylish terrazzo bathroom overlooking the lovely back garden. Double-glazing prevents the outdoor world intruding on guests' slumbers in this hip, bohemian part of Angkor. The bistro's chef delights guests with his inspired take on traditional Cambodian cuisine and the staff all belong to the local training institute for Cambodian youth; an unusual but worthwhile set-up for hotels with only one room, isn't it?


A Room for London, United Kingdom

A Room for London, United Kingdom Hotels in Britain's capital can be quite soulless, but nobody would ever accuse the A Room for London boat-shaped hotel of this! Perched on the roof of the Queen Elizabeth Hall, this Thames Embankment treasure was installed in 2012 and developed by Living Architecture, a social enterprise responsible for some amazing and exceptionally well-designed holiday homes across the country, and Artangel, an organization commissioning such creative initiatives. Taking its inspiration from Joseph Conrad's novel Heart of Darkness, the design by David Kohn Architects and artist Fiona Banner was selected from more than 500 entries in an open competition. In the novel, the author tells the story of a 19th century riverboat voyage through the Congo. The sightseeing riverboats and tugboats chugging past Queen Elizabeth Hall all day may not quite compare, but then guests are only permitted to stay for one night - so you’ll have to relocate to the Congo to see what Conrad was talking about.


Central Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark

Central Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark If your ambition has always been to stay in the world's smallest hotel, you can do so for $300 per night at this miniscule one room hotel in Copenhagen. Just big enough for one little mermaid and her overnight bag, this exclusive hotel's one and only double room measures just 8 ft by 10 ft. The entire building fits snugly above Copenhagen's Central Cafe, which boasts only five indoor seats, making it the city's smallest coffee shop. For her dollars a little mermaid gets a TV and an iPhone docking station in her room.


Inkaterra Canopy Tree House in Puerto Maldonado, Peru

Inkaterra Canopy Tree House in Puerto Maldonado, Peru Perched on a private platform adjacent to the Inkaterra Canopy Walkway, the tree house sits at an altitude of 27 meters above the lush jungle floor of the Peruvian South Eastern Amazonian landscape. Linked via a suspension bridge to the resort's quarter of a mile long canopy walk, the tree house is not for the faint-hearted traveler. The resort offers guests a truly memorable night-time tour above the tree tops. The Ese-Eja palm provides the thatch of the tree house's roof and timber floors, while the local wildlife provides nocturnal entertainment. If you're scared of huge Amazonian insects, call the butler on the room's walkie-talkie.


Everland Hotel is Travelling around the World

Everland Hotel is Travelling around the World Also boasting just one room, the Everland Hotel is taking travelling a little more seriously than other hotels: it travels from location to location as an art installation. It has been on the roof deck of Leipzig's Museum of Contemporary Art and the roof of Palais de Tokyo, where hotel guests could enjoy spectacular view of Paris's Eiffel Tower. Amazingly, Everland's hotel rates are pretty reasonable. At a weekday rate of 333 Euros and weekend rate of 444 Euros you get to enjoy some of the best cityscape views in the world.


Cinderella Castle Suite at Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida, USA

Cinderella Castle Suite at Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida, USA While other hotels with one room can boast to be the smallest, this one can boast to be one of the most exclusive hotels ever. Only very few people have been permitted to rest their unworthy heads on the pillows of this hotel. Entering via the base of Cinderella's Castle through an unassuming door, guests are whisked upwards into the Cinderella Castle Suite by an elevator. When the doors open, the foyer reveals Cinderella's glass slipper, coronation crown and scepter, as well as a few pumpkins from her carriage. The room measures just 650 square feet, and Cinderella sleeps in one of two queen-sized beds. The suite was originally created as an apartment for Walt Disney himself, but he passed away before Walt Disney World opened.

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The one in peru and orlando been there and it is nice I like it there

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