Hotels 🏨 with Only One Room ☝🏼️ for Those Who Want Intimacy and Seclusion πŸ› ...

Intimacy is sometimes a factor when choosing a hotel. If you’re looking for some seclusion and tranquility, maybe for a honeymoon, romantic sojourn or to escape for a while, it is definitely a factor. You can definitely find it in a hotel that has only one room. Like these charming examples:

1. Eh'hΓ€usl ("the Wedding House") in Amberg, Germany

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Not only is the Eh'hΓ€usel in historic Amberg the world's second smallest hotel, it only boasts one room, guaranteeing newly-weds total privacy. Although hotels with only one room are not as unusual as you might think, the Eh'hΓ€usel certainly is: just 2.5 meters wide and measuring just 53 square meters, this snug little nest dates back to 1728 and was actually built to accommodate newly-weds. A young couple who wanted to get married could only do so if they owned a home, according to city council rules. The couple sneakily circumvented this rule by buying a narrow strip of land between two buildings and constructing a wall at the front and back, then popping a roof on the construction. There, a house fit for a very small king and queen! The council had no choice but to let the couple get married. The Wedding House is fully equipped with everything a modern couple could want, including a mini spa, flat screen TV and romantic history.

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