The Sexiest 😘 Hotels around the World 🌎 for Your Next Vacay with That Special Someone πŸ’ ...

According to a poll conducted on 3000+ people by, 81 percent believe that sex is better in hotels. (Do you need convincing?) Following the results, Jetsetter also produced a list of the world’s sexiest hotels. Here’s my picks for the best places for getting your jiggy on.

1. New York City's Gramercy Park Hotel

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According to Hollywood's gossips, the Gramercy Park Hotel in New York City has witnessed "some of Hollywood’s biggest playboys" trying out the durability of the historic hotel's silky sheets. Mr Cool himself, Humphrey Bogart, tied the knot with his first wife on the Gramercy Park Hotel's roof. If you're looking for sexy hotels close to Mother Nature but within crawling distance of world-class night life, this is the one for you. The doorman will escort you to Gramercy Park and hand you the hotel's own key. Now you can dream under the Big Apple's starlit sky about all the Hollywood hotties you'd like to snog.

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