8 Luxurious Train Trips ...


8 Luxurious Train Trips ...
8 Luxurious Train Trips ...

Luxury trains are a treat to savor. A wise man said that life is a journey, not a destination. If so, then every step of our way is well worth our full attention. Yet, we often choose our destination and pick the easiest and quickest way to get there, saving some time maybe, but losing something incomparably more valuable – experience of journey itself. If you are willing to apply this metaphor on your life, you might consider taking a luxurious train trip. Airplanes will save you time, but luxury trains will give you excitement, adventure and views that you would miss otherwise. You only have to sit back and be aware of the new landscapes rushing to meet you. Choose your ideal sceneries among the following 8 Luxurious Train Trips.

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Royal Scotsman

Take a royal adventure through charming Scottish landscapes that include verdant dark green mountains, mysterious lakes and magical castles. Since this luxury train takes only 36 passengers, atmosphere onboard is quite intimate, friendly and remindful of joyous family celebrations. After you’ve enjoyed a delicious five-star dinner, have a wee dram and learn more on Scottish history through the stories and legends told by a local clansman. You can also join some organized fun activities. Besides being extremely comfortable, the Royal Scotsman’s cars have been restored in the Edwardian style and provide a perfect scene for your Scottish adventure.


Palace on Wheels

Everything about this most exquisite of luxury trains will give you the impression that you've landed in the ages of Maharajas, who used to cruise along India in such royal style. The cars are equipped with all the comfort you might need on this exciting journey – air-conditioned saloons, bathrooms and lounge with furniture designed especially for the Palace on Wheels, for the ultimate in relaxation. Leaving from Delhi, this amazing luxurious train trip will take you to the most well known Indian sites, including Jaipur, Chittorgarh fort and Agra with the breathtaking Taj Mahal.


Hiram Bingham

Named after the famous American historian who revealed Macchu Pichu to the world, this luxury train will take you to the magical Lost City of Incas, which lies 2.350 metres above sea level. One of the shortest luxurious trains in the world, Hiram Bingham consists of four Pullman style cars, two dining cars and observation car, and is able to take 84 passengers. The four-hour journey from the city of Cusco to Macchu Pichu includes welcome aperitifs, lunch, great wines, a tourist guide to the site and a gourmet dinner. In addition, this journey will afford you some unforgettable views while passing through valleys, hills and rainforests of Peru.


Glacier Express

The breathtaking Alpine route is what makes this luxurious train trip so special. Snow capped mountains are so beautiful while watching them from cozy warmth of your wagon. The 168-mile route from Zermatt to St. Moritz is quite demanding due to the mountainous areas and the journey takes almost eight hours. Therefore, this ‘express’ is actually the slowest express in the world. That means that you will get longer to enjoy the marvelous Swiss scenery all around you.



Connecting North and South Australia, the Ghan will take you through some of the most recognizable Australian landmarks, like the Red Centre and the Top End. This amazing three-day journey from Adelaide to Alice Springs and Darwin will enable you to experience the magic of Australian continent, from Adelaide Plains to the remarkable Flinders Ranges. Beside the astonishing beauty of passing landscapes, the Ghan provides Platinum luxury class service that will meet your needs for comfort and relaxation.


Danube Express

The Danube Express is a private luxury train headquartered in Budapest. Due to that, all the train’s itineraries start or go through the beautiful Hungarian capital. This train provides exclusive comfort combined with traditional ambience, along with impeccable service. Gorgeous cars are designed with careful attention to detail and are equipped with modern technologies. You can choose between several exciting luxurious train trips on the Danube Express. The Transylvanian East will take you from Budapest to the Bosphorus through the picturesque landscapes of Romania and Bulgaria. If you want to see Poland, embark on the Polish Explorer which will take you to Cracow, Gdansk and, finally, Warsaw.


Blue Train

Imagine a five-star hotel on tracks – that is actually the best definition of this luxury train. The Blue Train runs from Pretoria to Cape Town, through the magical countryside of South Africa. The train is luxurious in every sense, providing maximum comfort and the best quality service. Presidents and kings have enjoyed the advantages of this magnificent train trip, including gourmet meals prepared by excellent chefs and a selection of the finest South African wines. Although you are not V.I.P, the Blue Train will make you feel like one.


Pride of Africa

The Pride of Africa justifies its name in many ways. This luxury train offers three types of accommodation – comfortable Pullman compartments, Deluxe cabins and spacious Royal Suites. All cabins are equipped with mini bar, personal safe and bathrooms. Dining and lounge cars are available too. The Pride of Africa boasts an open air patio which will enable you to watch the beautiful African landscapes passing by. You only have to choose which course to take. South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania and Egypt are some of the options to combine.

Luxurious, fabulous facilities, impeccable service and wondrous scenery, which of these luxury train trips would be your choice?

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