7 Most Luxurious Cruise Ships in the World ...

Luxury Cruise ships means the ultimate travelling experience for some discerning travelers. For some holiday makers, the destination may not be as important to them as much as the glamorous succor that a luxury cruise ship provides. Fine dining, world class facilities, stately 5 star rooms, and opulence personified, is what makes vacations on board luxury cruise ships the premier choice for those who like to travel in style. Here are the 7 Most Luxurious Cruise Ships in the World:

1. The Crystal Serenity

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Sophisticated and graceful, the Crystal group has successfully managed to perfect the combination of premier and refined luxury with a vast space, without compromising on the exclusivity. You will have the space to enjoy the ship at your leisure, without feeling like you are trapped in a small B&B with a thousand other tourists on board. World class facilities and an award winning chef, makes the Crystal Serenity the astute choice for the discerning traveler. According to Conde Nast – the Crystal Serenity is the best ship currently afloat. You need around $16,000 to cruise in the penthouse suite on a trip from Los Angeles to Hawaii.

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