7 Most Luxurious Cruise Ships in the World ...


7 Most Luxurious Cruise Ships in the World ...
7 Most Luxurious Cruise Ships in the World ...

Luxury Cruise ships means the ultimate travelling experience for some discerning travelers. For some holiday makers, the destination may not be as important to them as much as the glamorous succor that a luxury cruise ship provides. Fine dining, world class facilities, stately 5 star rooms, and opulence personified, is what makes vacations on board luxury cruise ships the premier choice for those who like to travel in style. Here are the 7 Most Luxurious Cruise Ships in the World:

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The Crystal Serenity

The Crystal Serenity Sophisticated and graceful, the Crystal group has successfully managed to perfect the combination of premier and refined luxury with a vast space, without compromising on the exclusivity. You will have the space to enjoy the ship at your leisure, without feeling like you are trapped in a small B&B with a thousand other tourists on board. World class facilities and an award winning chef, makes the Crystal Serenity the astute choice for the discerning traveler. According to Conde Nast – the Crystal Serenity is the best ship currently afloat. You need around $16,000 to cruise in the penthouse suite on a trip from Los Angeles to Hawaii.


Celebrity Xpedition

Celebrity Xpedition The Celebrity Xpedition will dazzle the most seasoned luxury cruise liner passenger. Touring the exclusive region of the Galapagos Islands, this intimate and elite luxury –with some adventure thrown in- liner, is the ultimate cruise liner dream for a select few. With space for just 98 guests, the privacy and the remote destination is the definitive in cruise ship indulgence.


Paul Gauguin

Paul Gauguin The Paul Gauguin is not the largest of luxury cruise ships – indeed it features in Conde Nast’s top 20 Small cruise Ships- but it’s no less for its size. Named for the French artist who fell in love with Polynesia, the Paul Gauguin was built to cruise the southern Pacific waters, being able to pull into the small harbors of tiny islands that other huge liners cannot. 70% of the luxury accommodation has a private balcony , there’s an onboard marina for watersports, an extensive spa and dining in three sumptuous, open-air restaurants. With the major destination by Tahiti, there’s an immediate flavor onboard as most of the staff are Tahitian.


Silversea Whisper

Silversea Whisper With the world famous icon for class and sophistication, and Isabella Rossellini as their Ambassador, there leaves very little left to explain about exactly the kind of superiority with which Silversea rules the seas in terms of extravagant luxury. With a characteristic Italian panache, the Silversea luxury cruise ships offer the ultimate, and very best in full scale opulence– and it is epitomized by the Whisper. On the Whisper, guests enjoy gorgeously fitted out staterooms and suites (the expensive ones come with a butler!), a spa and fitness center, beauty salon, a multi-level theater with professional shows and boutique shopping.


Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas

Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas The Oasis of the Seas is a floating city. This most luxurious of cruise liners plying her trade in the Caribbean, consists of 7 neighborhoods. If you’re looking for a luxury cruise ship for a family trip – this has to be the one. There’s areas dedicated to kids, and the onboard Dreamworks experience so they can spend time with their favorite characters or watch Dreamworks movies in 3D. Whilst they’re off playing with Shrek and Kung Fu Panda, you can choose from the mass of entertainments; zip lining, rockwall climbing, pools, shows in the aquatheater, gym and spa and even a full sized carousel. Fine dining and a casino complete your luxury cruise ship experience.


Regent Voyager

Regent Voyager Regent Severn Seas Cruises offer their indulged guests the finest gastronomic experience to be had aboard any ship, in an exclusive Le Cordon Bleu restaurant. Fully kitted out with every available modern luxury, the widest array of world class wines at dinner, and the only cruise ship company to give each and every single guest a suite, complete with their own private balcony, the Regent ships are special luxury cruise liners. All three of the Regent ships, Voyager, Mariner and Navigator, offer the same fabulous facilities so any of them could have made this list. You can work off that fabulous food and wood in state of the art fitness gyms so don’t worry about the extra pounds.


Windstar Windsurf

Windstar Windsurf As its name suggests, Windstar Windsurf is a luxury cruise liner with a difference – it’s actually the largest sailing ship in the world. It is a glorious five-masted, six deck yacht, whose staterooms all have ocean views. The ultimate luxury comes in their Bridge suites which have private sitting room and whirlpool spa. Dining is an experience, from Michelin star quality to casual. Dine under the stars, alfresco on the top deck. Luxuriate in the comfortable ‘living room’, gamble in the casino, get fit in the elaborate gym, be pampered in the spa, soak in the hot tub, splash about in the watersports platform or just cop a squat on a lounger under the sun.

So whether you are a novice luxury cruise ship traveler or a seasoned cruise liner passenger, you will find one of the 7 Most Luxurious Cruise Ships in the World to suit your luxury dream requirements. Once the bug of traveling aboard luxurious cruise liners has bitten which fabulous vessels would you be adding to your list?

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