9 Places to Go Skinny Dipping ...


9 Places to Go Skinny Dipping ...
9 Places to Go Skinny Dipping ...

Skinny dipping is just one of those things you have to do at least once in your life, preferably during a period of misspent youth. Normally skinny dipping is that much more fun if you have comrades; fellow instigators who are out to do something outrageous. There’s an extra frisson if you are planning on doing a little skinny dipping in a place where nudity is illegal or are looking for some romance with a moonlit swim. There are plenty of locations that allow nude bathing and here are 9 Places to Go Skinny Dipping:

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Formentera, Spain

In this location you will be less outrageous if you are skinny dipping than if you swam fully clothed. Nudity is quite acceptable in this part of Spain. In fact it could be said that it is more the norm. Just a quick 1 hour boat trip from Ibiza and you will have arrived at one of the Mediterranean’s finest island offerings. Beautifully protected from the wind, sheltered by plenty of leafy trees and cashmere sand dunes, this is not only the best place to get your kit off, but to snorkel too. Embrace your inner eco-friendly swimmer and you will have the time of your life.


Viti Lake, Askja Caldera, Iceland

Yes, Iceland, but before you cross this one off your list, did I mention geothermal water? A tucked away gem in the isolated highlands region of Iceland, you will have to really want to go there to get there. Without a 4x4 it will be impossible, and you will have to have nerves of steel, not to mention super power driving skills to negotiate the slippery glacial river. Those who manage to navigate the rugged sheer crater to sink into the sublime geothermal waters, all swear that it is worth it.


Traditional Onsen, Japan

As far as butt naked bathing goes, this Japanese gem is one for the books. Perched on the cusp of the Pacific Ring of Fire, the tradition of getting your kit off and unwinding in the hot springs are a cultural phenomenon. Touted as the only way to deal with stress and let your troubles wash away, the tourism industry in this region is literally booming. Loads of volcanic activity and lots of hot, bubbling, steamy water make this one of the best kept nude bathing secrets in the East.


Ice Swimming, Finland

Like Iceland, this particular destination is not for the faint hearted, skinny dipping in Finland cranks the experience up a couple of notches into the hard core category. There are plenty of public swimming holes, 170 of them actually, which do require the obligatory swim suit, however, nobody is going to stop you if you carve a hole out of the ice for yourself. Followed by a steamy Finnish sauna, then naked ice swimming may not be as bad as you think.


Porcupine Mountains, Wilderness State Park, Michigan, USA

Perched along the rugged cliffs that emerge all along the shores of Lake Superior, you will find the Porcupine Mountains or Porkies as they are fondly known as. With such spectacular scenery, how could this not be one of the most epic sites to get completely naked and head on out of the camp site and enjoy the delights of one of the most sensational places for skinny dipping.


Paradise Beach, Mykonos, Greece

For those naked swimmers who don’t fancy an ice swim in Finland, Greece will be a bit more up your alley. Paradise beach claimed a name for itself in the 60’s for, well, just about everything really. Only one small problem, the chances of having the beach all to yourself are slim. It’s a hugely popular party spot with revelers partying way into the wee hours. Chances are good that at sunrise you could have a few party animals that would be keen to join in on the naked swim.


Paradise Beach in Mykonos, Greece is a popular spot for skinny dipping. It was first known for its wild parties in the 1960s, and today it continues to be a popular destination for late-night revelers. Despite the crowds, the beach can be a great place for a peaceful and private swim. The water is crystal clear and the sand is soft and white. The beach is also surrounded by cliffs and picturesque views, making it a great backdrop for your swim. For the more adventurous, the nearby caves are a great place to explore and take a dip.


Radha Nagar, Myanmar

Tucked away off the shores of Myanmar is a stunning collection of islands, some 582 of them, known as Andaman and Nicobar. Recovering from the 2004 tragedies of the tsunami, tourism in the area is picking up, and fast. The stunning coral reefs, sparkling azure waters and the glorious sunsets make this the prime spot for cheeky skinny dipping, or even a naked snorkeling trip.


Blackmoss Pot, Lake District, England

While perhaps not exactly the done thing, nude swimming, especially in her Majesty’s England is well, probably completely off limits. Discretion is the name of the game, and well not quite as exotic as Finland, and probably not as cold, but if you clamber out of your tent in the early morning and do a few naked jumps into the crystal clear pools of Blackmoss Pot, you might find a few like minded people who are mad enough to join you.


Turtle Island, Fiji

Turtle Island in Fiji is a secluded and private luxury island paradise. It’s the perfect resort For those wanting a bit more romance and privacy in their skinny dipping adventures. With the resort only accommodating 14 couples, the island comes with 14 private beaches as well. Straight out of the 1980’s classic movie, Blue Lagoon, which was shot here, there can be no better place to strip down and dive into the stunning blue waters.

Wherever you decide to embrace your inner mermaid and get out and about for a bit of naked swimming, try and make sure that you choose an appropriate time and place. Packed beaches and beach fronts at the entrance to hotels could lead to trouble. But skinny dipping is something you must try at least once. These are only 9 Places to Go Skinny Dipping, where would you pick to go first?

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i skinny dip at home. The neighbor in the back is always trying to cut the hedges.

#5 Have you ever swam in Lake Superior? LoL.

formentera one of the best place in the world

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