7 Fabulous US Day Trips by Train ...

By Neecey

7 Fabulous US Day Trips by Train ...

Train day trips can provide the avid traveler with hassle-free journey enjoyment. Without the stress of preparing a car for long journeys, focusing on a long drive or having to take responsibility over your travels, you can sit back, relax and let a train steer you towards beautiful and exciting destinations whilst you soak up the scenery. Most major cities in the US provide affordable and fabulous day trips by train for a convenient breakaway experience. Take a look at my pick of popular and invigorating 7 Fabulous Day Trips by Train!

Table of contents:

  1. new york city to montauk
  2. new york city to beacon/cold spring
  3. philadelphia to atlantic city
  4. chicago to indiana dunes
  5. san francisco to santa cruz boardwalk
  6. washington to baltimore
  7. boston to salem

1 New York City to Montauk

Montauk is a destination at the end of the line on New York’s Long Island Railroad. It takes three hours to get there. After the wait, you’ll find yourself in a quaint beach town that hosts a charming old lighthouse, a park with nature trails, ocean views and lots of beaches.

2 New York City to Beacon/Cold Spring

This is considered the most scenic train trip from NYC, with the tracks built around the Hudson River enabling any train traveler to witness beautiful views of bridges and the Palisades. It takes around an hour and a half to get there from Manhattan, and once you arrive you can enjoy a vivid arts scene at Beacon with the DIA: Beacon art museum. Cold Spring also has a plethora of cute antiques shops, cafes and restaurants along the main street making it a lovely destination for a day trip.

3 Philadelphia to Atlantic City

It only takes roughly 1.5 hours to get to Atlantic City from Philadelphia, making it one of the quickest and ideal train day trips in the US, if you enjoy gambling, leisure or conventions! Hop on a train and see the city that inspired the American version of Monopoly and try out world-famous casinos

4 Chicago to Indiana Dunes

South of Chicago is the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore – a beautiful place that is a mixture of beach and rolling sand dunes. It is ideal for kids, and particularly idyllic in the summer. It takes about 1 hour 20 minutes to get there, and is a great train day trip for scenic maritime adventures.

5 San Francisco to Santa Cruz Boardwalk

This actually takes a train and a bus to get to and from this day trip destination, but it’d be worth it. Roughly two hours south of San Fran, Santa Cruz is classic beachside entertainment. It has a boardwalk amusement park and even a huge mini-golf course. A classic and primarily maritime park that makes for a unique train day trip.

6 Washington to Baltimore

Good morning Baltimore! So sang the pleasantly plump Tracy Turnblad from hit musical Hairspray. Baltimore is a fabulous US Day trip with its historic and revamped neighborhoods, scenic harborfront, aquarium and shopping plaza. It takes about an hour to get to Baltimore by train from Washington.

7 Boston to Salem

Salem is famous world-wide for its infamous witch trials, and makes for a fascinating day trip by train. It’s a historic fishing town half an hour away from Boston riding the rails, and has fully embraced its reputation as «Witch City» – giving its visitors a chance to see its witch theme park and embrace all that’s spooky! This makes Salem a fantastic destination on Halloween, where hundreds of tourists clad in spooky costumes flood to the town to learn about its somber history.

So there you are – a selection of fabulous train day trips which are affordable and worth the journey. The US is full of fantastic historic sites, and it doesn’t take much to go out for an adventure for a day! Trains offer a chance to view beautiful landscapes as well as hassle-free traveling. Have you been on any of these 7 Fabulous US Day Trips by Train? Please share any traveling experiences you’ve had by train, or any other great destinations in the US!

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