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7 Fantastic Ideas for a Mini Getaway ...

By Jordin

Mini getaway…a thought that sounds so appealing to most of us! Just an escape from the hassles of everyday life, and if you are a parent, maybe a break from your sweet children. Well, the good news is, you don’t need a ton of money or time off from work in order to have a mini getaway! In fact, you may not need to look further than your own backyard! If you have been longing for your own personal mini getaway, either solo or with your loved ones, here are your 7 fantastic ideas to create one! I’ve got suggestions for you to choose from no matter your personality type, so there is bound to be something to please you here. Keep on reading for your mini getaway destinations!

1 Local Parks

One of my favorite mini getaways of all time is a secluded, private cabin in the woods! Check out your local parks to see what kind of prices and packaged deals they offer. Depending on where you live, you can usually get a cabin or a campground for your tent or RV for a great deal. A weekend spent with your family at the park is an inexpensive way to get exercise, have fun, and make great memories! Be sure to take board games in case of a rainy day.

2 Swap Day

If you need a mini getaway that is virtually free, try this idea out. Get together with one of your good friends and organize a swap day. You and your man can go to her place, and vice versa! Sometimes a change in scenery is all that we need to feel refreshed. Just to get out of your ordinary routine and mix it up a bit, this is a perfect idea to save money on a mini getaway! Make sure you clean things up and put away any personal items you don’t want anyone to see!


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3 Backyard Fest

Here’s another idea for a mini getaway that is free or almost free. Why not host a grill out in your backyard? You can either invite a few friends or just hang with your kiddos. After the grill out, set-up a tent in the backyard with your family and have a campfire with s’mores and ghost stories all night long. This makes for one of the few mini getaways that is something your kids will love and you will certainly want to repeat!

4 Spa Relaxation

How many of us would kill for one of those mini getaways where you get to spend an entire day or more being pampered at a spa? Well, that may not be a realistic dream for you right now, but grab a few of your gal pals and create your own spa! Each of you can bring a few spa-type items such as facials, skin scrubs, lotions, nail treatments, and body creams, and you can all relax and dish together! Have some fluffy robes and warm socks ready, along with candles and soothing music in the background. You can set out some snacks as well for a real delight!

5 Lover’s Spot

The perfect mini getaway that we would all love to have would be with the one special person in your life and a totally romantic hideaway….right? Why not make that dream come true this weekend! Check into your local bed and breakfast’s in the area to find an affordable room. Then spend the day cuddling and relaxing in the whirlpool, or enjoying the beautiful gardens that surround most of your typical bed and breakfast’s. Don’t forget to take a camera!


Maybe your husband can’t get away from work, or you don’t have anyone to watch your children. Maybe you’re single! Whatever the case, a GNO (Girls Night Out) could be the answer to your problems! With a few of your closest friends, you could split the price of a condo or suite for a night, and then do whatever you want! If you live close to the ocean, spend the day on the beach. Or if you prefer shopping and sightseeing, go for it! And make sure you try out a delicious new restaurant!

7 Splish Splash

I love this idea for a mini getaway! If you don’t have the time or money to travel, here’s what you can do. Book a hotel room in your local area for one night, and then pack up your family and head on out! Spend the day splashing in the hotel room, and then watch a family friendly movie and play a few board games in the evening! You won’t have to cook, or do any housework, so what more could you ask for? Don’t forget to order room service!

There you have it, my 7 fantastic ideas for a mini getaway! As you can see, mini getaways don’t have to cost a fortune, if anything at all! If you are on a tight budget, start putting back twenty bucks a week until you can afford to have a mini getaway of your own. Do you guys have any lovely ideas to share with me? I love to hear from my readers, so please comment below and let me know all of your great ideas for an affordable mini-getaway!

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