7 Lesser Known but Brilliant Beaches of Mexico ...


7 Lesser Known but Brilliant Beaches of Mexico ...
7 Lesser Known but Brilliant Beaches of Mexico ...

Mexican beaches are known all over the world for being among the most beautiful on the planet. And big name players like Cancun and Playa del Carmen are on the tip of anyone’s tongue when they mention beaches in Mexico. But what about the hidden gems, the shy Mexican beaches, where are they? Here are 7 Lesser Known but Brilliant Beaches of Mexico:

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Playa Brujas, Mazatlan

Playa Brujas, Mazatlan One of the best beaches in Mexico is Playa Brujas. Just a short 20 minute drive from the beating heart of the city of Mazatlan, Playa Brujas is perched majestically on the coast. The stunning waves make this a sanctuary and a haven for surfers who can enjoy the swell all year round. There’s also a restaurant on the beach which apparently serves sublime lobster dinners very cheaply.


Bonfil Beach, Acapulco

Bonfil Beach, Acapulco Dripping in charm and romance, Bonfil Beach is one of the most charismatic beaches in Mexico. Considered also to be highly underrated, the beach is way off the beaten track, far from the crowds and busloads of tourists. Here you get to chill out like a local, indulge in a bit of horseback riding, take long, lazy naps under the soft swaying palm trees and enjoy balmy evenings next to a beach fire.


North Beach, Isla Mujeres

North Beach, Isla Mujeres Picture perfect, cashmere-soft sands, glorious turquoise waters, incredible weather, and without a doubt, the most underrated beach in the entire Yucatan region. The north beach is really a well-kept secret among Mexican beaches, with most visitors being distracted by the bombastic, ever popular neighbor, Cancun. Visitors love staying here, as they can enjoy all the exciting tourist hot spots in Cancun, and then retire to paradise in the evening.


Playa La Audiencia, Manzanillo

Playa La Audiencia, Manzanillo For those visitors to sun drenched Mexico looking for a quieter spot to spend time with their families, then the tucked away gem, is the haven of Playa la Audiencia in Manzanillo. Popular with families with children, this is among the beaches of Mexico perfect for quiet lazy days in the sun, safe swimming, white velvety sands and sparkling azure waters. Snorkeling is a favorite pastime here, and kids will love the shallow rock pools to splash around in and explore.


Xpu Ha Beach

Xpu Ha Beach Tucked away between the well-known Playa del Carmen and ancient Tulum, Xph Ha Beach is one of the truly undervalued Mexican beaches. Like a radiant wall flower, the beauty and incredible surroundings speak for themselves and with little to no pomp and ceremony, Xpu Ha Beach says a million incredible things. It’s perfect for holiday makers who are not keen on the madding crowd, with a small beach club and a friendly ambience.


Santa Maria Beach, Cabo San Lucas

Santa Maria Beach, Cabo San Lucas If you are looking for the ultimate winter getaway, where the sun will soak of all of those seasonal blues, then look no further the beaches of Mexico and in particular, Santa Maria in Cabo San Lucas. Much quieter than the beach party district of Medano which is tucked away right in the middle of Cabo, there are some of the most beautiful snorkeling and swimming spots for the entire family to enjoy.


Playa Ventanilla

Playa Ventanilla Playa Ventanilla has the most beautiful backdrop of hills covered in jungle. In Oaxaca-Chiapas Province, Playa Ventanilla is one of the quietest surfing beaches in Mexico but no less fabulous. It is hard to find which is part of its charm, and the reason it has remained one of the secret, hidden gems of Mexican beaches. It’s about 15-20 minutes down a dirt track outside of the secluded village of Ventanilla.

Most of the beaches in Mexico are simply stunning, but it depends what kind of holiday you are looking for as to which you will choose

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I was born in Mazatlán and let me tell you, it's beautiful

These beaches look absolutely beautiful! I would love to visit them all

I have been to three of these beaches are they are literally breathtaking! Another beach that is hidden, is cinnamon bay of St. John, V.I.

Been to that beach in Acapulco. My family down there wanted to bring me to see the water and waves and to take a boat ride. How I miss the hot sunny beaches of Acapulco.

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