7 Lesser Known but Brilliant Beaches of Mexico ...

Mexican beaches are known all over the world for being among the most beautiful on the planet. And big name players like Cancun and Playa del Carmen are on the tip of anyoneโ€™s tongue when they mention beaches in Mexico. But what about the hidden gems, the shy Mexican beaches, where are they? Here are 7 Lesser Known but Brilliant Beaches of Mexico:

1. Playa Brujas, Mazatlan

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One of the best beaches in Mexico is Playa Brujas. Just a short 20 minute drive from the beating heart of the city of Mazatlan, Playa Brujas is perched majestically on the coast. The stunning waves make this a sanctuary and a haven for surfers who can enjoy the swell all year round. Thereโ€™s also a restaurant on the beach which apparently serves sublime lobster dinners very cheaply.

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