7 Great American Adventure Trips ...


7 Great American Adventure Trips ...
7 Great American Adventure Trips ...

American adventure trips conjure up immediate images of vast spaces, craggy mountains, wide skies and open roads. When you fancy a high-octane, adrenaline filled rush, or an immersion in the wild communing with the wonders Mother Nature bestowed on us, American adventure trips have something for everyone of every age to enjoy. Every kind of outdoor activity is available with American adventure trips to be found up mountains, down valleys, in deserts, on lakes, across rivers and through caves. Tempted? Here’s 7 Great American Adventure Trips:

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Denali, Alaska

Fancy seeing the magic of Alaska? There are 54 million acres of National Park in Alaska and one of the best for an authentic American adventure vacation is the Denali National Park. Named for the mountain at its heart, Denali, aka Mount McKinley, North America’s tallest peak, there’s just one road in the main part of the park and it’s only open to shuttle buses. Take an adventure trip here to get close to bear, caribou and moose in stunning surroundings, go river rafting, hiking or take a boat trip on the Kenmai Fjords.


Cape Cod National Seashore, Massachusetts

Massachusetts may not immediately spring to mind for a great outdoor American adventure trip given that it’s New England’s most populous state but the Cape Cod National Seashore has plenty to recommend it. In its 43,000 acres there are forests, salt marshes and 40 miles of beaches. Add in 10 nature trails and you’ve got a fabulous destination for swimming, hiking, cycling or walking. Of course if that sounds too strenuous find an accommodating dune and soak up some sun on an unspoilt beach.


Kilauea, Hawaii

Did you think Hawaii was all surfers and shirts and gorgeous beaches? Think again. Fancy an adventure vacation in America with some active volcanoes thrown in? How about staying in a hotel where the rooms are heated by volcanic steam? Volcano House is in the heart of the only US National Park that boasts active volcanoes. Active volcanoes accessible to visitors are Mauna Loa and Kilauea.


Appalachian Trail, New England

If you like walking, the American adventure trip you should consider is the Appalachian Travel. The Walking route was formed in 1921 and runs from Maine to Georgia. It will take you 10 days to walk its length and if you take an organized trip this includes two days in Baxter Park and some time in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. The biggest challenge comes in the form of Mount Washington at 1917 meters high.


Tonto National Forest

For keen and experienced horse riders, a fabulous adventure vacation in America is a pack trip through the Tonto National Forest of Arizona. Riding 20-25 miles a day on top-notch Arabian horses you’ll follow the Verde River to Red Creek. On the way you’ll pass red rock canyons and make river crossings before spending overnight in idyllic ready-made camps where you’re served gourmet meals.


Olympic National Park, Washington State

For some genuine wilderness, head to one of the US’s lesser-known national parks – Olympic in Washington State. Olympic is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and thanks to three distinct eco-systems, visitors looking for great American Adventure trips in fact get three parks in one. Explore the beaches along 60 miles of Pacific coast, be in awe of glacial mountains and hike 600 miles of trails through temperate rainforest.


Boundary Waters, Minnesota

Canoeists line up! It’s your turn now to find out where your American adventure vacation should be. You’ll find one of best canoeing areas in the world at Boundary Waters Wilderness in the Superior National Forest in Minnesota. You’ll need a permit for camping which is at designated sites but this will give you access to more than 1500 miles if canoeing routes and hundreds of lakes of crystal clear waters. Wildlife is abundant so you’ll be spending your leisure time amongst bears, beavers and moose.

It’s no mistake when people say everything in the US is big; just these 7 Great American Adventure Trips prove it. For lovers of the great outdoors, these are vacations of a lifetime amongst some of the most fabulous scenery on the planet. What’s great about it too is that these American adventure trips are all very eco-friendly so you can take pleasure in knowing your vacation is doing no harm to the environment. Which adventure vacation in America would you choose?

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