8 Great Road Trip Destinations ...


8 Great Road Trip Destinations ...
8 Great Road Trip Destinations ...

Long car rides aren’t the easiest thing in the world to endure, but if you choose the right destination all that idle time can turn out to be well worth it. The great road trip destinations on this list include both indoor and outdoor locations. There’s a little of something for everyone from theme park to cityscape to the great outdoors. So buckle up, crank the Creedence Clearwater Revival up, and let’s get trekking!

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The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon Photo Credit: bolognesi.marianna

This is one of America’s top attractions, and it is hands down the most beautiful ditch in the entire world. The Colorado River has been carving this mega canyon out for more years than it’s possible to count. If you have seen the pictures you know what to expect, but I’ll bet you $20 that once you park at your first lookout point, the size and beauty still catch you off guard.


California’s Redwood Forest

California’s Redwood Forest Photo Credit: bbska

This forest is EPIC. The trees are the largest in the world with some growing larger in circumference than houses. There are thousands of giant trees in this forest, so have fun driving through one of the tunnels carved out directly through a tree. You have to see these monstrosities to believe them. It fits perfectly into the mold of great road trip destinations if only for the huge trees.



Hollywood Photo Credit: parkerkrhoyt

Tinsel Town has a lot to offer, but don’t expect too much from the strip. It’s ridden with slummy gift shops and cheap eateries, but don’t let that dissuade you. The Walk of Fame, The Kodak Theater, Grauman’s Chinese Theater, and Jimmy Kimmel Live are the key attractions and if you miss them, you really miss the whole point of visiting! Make sure to stop in at Warner Bros. Studios and sign up for a tour because in addition to seeing where all your favorite movies were filmed, you will also have a chance to catch a glimpse of your favorite stars.


Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park Photo Credit: benkrut

Wyoming’s gorgeous Yellowstone Park was the first National Park ever created, and it also happens to be the largest one in the continental United States. It’s home to Old Faithful, tons of hot springs, many natural geysers, and tons of acres of untouched beauty. It is a great road trip destination you don’t want to miss!


Disney Land

Disney Land Photo Credit: Shahnawaz Sid

With one on each side of the country, and in other countries, Disney Land is the kind of place that you should NOT miss. It’s every kid’s dream to go to this place at least once so if you have kids you had better start planning your first trip now. There are several parks so make sure and choose the one that fits you best. There’s Typhoon Lagoon, MGM, Epcot, and The Magic Kingdom. MGM has the best rides, but the Magic Kingdom is where the castle sits. Don’t forget to give Mickey and Minnie a hug on your way through.


New York City

New York City Photo Credit: kaysha

The city that never sleeps is one that every American should visit at least once in their lifetime. It’s home to classic American symbols likes the Chrysler Building, the Statue of Liberty, and the Empire State building among others. The hustle and bustle probably isn’t for everyone as far as living goes, but as a great road trip destination, I recommend everyone gets a little taste of the Big Apple.


Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park Photo Credit: patmanzzz

From everyone I’ve talked to that has visited this place it just might be the most beautiful national park in the country. The Glacier Gorge trail often frequents the “top best of” lists when it comes to hiking and backpacking, so if that’s your thing, this park is for you. Otherwise, just visit the place and enjoy one of the scenic drives or overlooks in the heart of America’s beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park.

With Spring Break coming up, it’s not too late to alter those travel plans or create some from scratch. If one of these great road trip destinations fits the bill, take the time to enjoy! Otherwise, where are you going or where have you been that should be on this list?

Top Photo Credit: irenemann

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