9 Juicy Reasons to Visit Jamaica ...

There are so many reasons to visit Jamaica. This Caribbean island has a reputation for being exotic, mysterious and breathtaking, and many people that have already visited, say that nobody needs a reason to go to Jamaica, they should just do it. But for those of us who don’t know much about the island or simply need convincing, here are 9 Juicy Reasons to Visit Jamaica:

1. The Legendary Rose Hall

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Rose Hall is a majestic Georgian manor that according to Jamaican legend belonged to Annie Palmer and her husband John. Annie was believed to have been well known as the voodoo-mistress who murdered her husbands and her slave lovers before the tables turned and one of her lovers murdered her. A truly sensational tale that comes to life in a guided tour – some even leave at night- through the underground tunnels that shows evidence of murder, bloodstains and the history of slavery that all took place at the Manor.

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