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The Miami attractions are endless - the land of sun, sea and bronzed bodies, one of the most enviable climates in the world and the enticing sparkling turquoise ocean. The health and fitness capital of America, the Miami sights, incredible sunsets and sceneries make this one of the number one most coveted destinations to live in, in the world. Immortalised by a string of movies, the attractions of Miami are far from waning. Here are 9 Great Attractions of Miami.

1. Oleta River State Park

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The Oleta River is a haven for wildlife, underwater creatures, exciting adventures and exploration. One of the most incredible ways to experience the river is to hire river boats, kayaks or canoes and drift down the tranquil waterway, passing under the dense foliage of a shady mangrove. You may get a rare glimpse of the pink river dolphin or manatees as they frolic in the water around you. Pack a picnic and head out to one of the smaller islands, and go bird watching and simply chill out for the day.

2. Lincoln Road

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Some of the top Miami attractions are from the Art Deco era. The evocative and inviting district that is Lincoln Road is one of the most irresistibly charmingly attractive areas of Miami. The pedestrian only mall takes visitors way back into time when life was simple, and the cobbled sidewalks were scattered with picnic tables with red and white checked table cloths, large umbrellas and friendly waitresses. Even though the popular area does get busy, the charismatic park setting, over the top architecture and places like the original Regal Cinema is what keeps people coming back again and again.

3. American Airlines Arena

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The American Airlines Arena is the proud home to the current NBA champions and one of most exciting attractions of Miami. Located just across the road from the Bayside Marketplace, it is the perfect spot for a post-game meal, where you can relax and enjoy al fresco dining, looking out over the beautiful Biscayne Bay. The Arena is also home to the popular Miami Hoops Gear retailer, which is the perfect place to get your Wade fix, from shoes, memorabilia, shirts and MVP jerseys.

4. Parrot Jungle Island

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Embrace your inner Dr Dolittle at this exciting island that will delight and enthral both adults and children. Parrot Jungle Island is so much more than just an island off of the coast of Miami. Just off shore in fact, it is an amazing 18 acre conservatory animal and bird park that has become a protected sanctuary for literally thousands of bird life and has grown into one of the top Miami attractions. Check out Flamingos, cockatoos, macaws, parrots and loads of other birds. There is even a massive 21 foot crocodile, a rare albino alligator and the world’s biggest blow up water slide.

5. Suite Lounge

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The Suite Lounge is most certainly a playground for the rich and famous and one of the premier Miami sites for the super elite. The Suite Lounge is an A List nightclub, where posh patrons get to mingle with their likeminded pals, shuffle around on their Louboutins and guzzle Moet until the sun comes up. Big name DJs keep the vibes sexy ,and everyone is dressed to the nines and then some. If you are a hip hop fan, you can bump and grind the night away in the private dance room.

6. South Beach

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There is no question that the beaches are some of the biggest Miami attractions that people come to experience in Florida. South Beach is the famous one, popular among both visitors and locals. Frolic about in the white, velvety sands during a beach volley ball game, walk hand in hand through the soft, soapy surf at sunset, watch scantily clad roller bladers whizz up and down, and buy ice cream and smoothies from the beach front vendors. Rub shoulders with the elite at some of the high end restaurants along the beachfront and sip on your mojito as you watch the sun go down.

7. Club Nautico Boat Rentals

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One of the most incredible ways to experience the sounds and sights of Miami is none other than a boat charter. Cruise around like a celebrity for a day, sip on champagne on some of the world’s biggest and most luxurious yachts, and get your own crew to mix the cocktails and serve the hors d'oeuvres, while your sarong flaps in the breeze and you cruise around Biscayne Bay. Anchor just off the coast for a nice, refreshing dip in the sea, and then tie up at one of the exclusive restaurants for lunch.

8. Carnival Center for the Performing Arts

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Not only famous for bronzed bodies, joggers, water sports and sun sets, Miami is fast emerging as a cultural icon along the seashore. Right in the heart of downtown Miami brings you to the Carnival Centre for the Performing Arts, where you can relax at the outdoor plaza and take in the sights and soothing sounds of soft jazz notes, Spanish flamenco guitar and even the Boston Pops. Book tickets to see ballet and opera at this brand new, massive cultural hub.

9. Quattro Gastronomia Italiana

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Maybe the restaurant itself cannot be counted as one of the attractions of Miami, but the entire experience and star spotting make it and exciting adventure all on its own. The Quattro Gastronomia Italiana is one of the most popular upmarket restaurants in Miami. Popular among A Listers like Billy Joel, BeyoncΓ©, Jay-Z, Alex Rodriguez and Martha Stewart, it is almost impossible to get a table here, and it is recommended that you make a booking when you book your flight to Miami if you don’t want to miss out.

The sights of Miami are simply breath taking and there are few other cities in the world that offers as many exciting fascinations. Miami hot spots are in abundance and the world famous beaches are the hottest destinations in Miami all on their own. Which one of these 9 Great Attractions of Miami would you like to experience first?

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