9 Exciting Spring Break Destinations ...


9 Exciting Spring Break Destinations ...
9 Exciting Spring Break Destinations ...

Spring break is on the horizon, with different places scheduling the party week at different times. As I think I've said about a billion times, I'm officially tired of being freezing, so I'm fantasizing about spring break in warm places. That being said, here are 9 exciting spring break destinations for worn out college kids and families looking for a week of fun!

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Cancun is really spring break central. I think this will be the most popular destination for decades to come. It's crazy during the months delegated to most spring break vacations, but that's part of the fun. It never lacks in excitement, and there are so many great places to visit, from Tulum to Playa del Carmen.


Miami/South Beach

I can only imagine that, since the Jersey Shore kids hit Miami last year, it's going to be crazier than ever this year. Still, South Beach is a great destination for young adults who want to make the most of the club scene. You don't need a passport but you still feel like you're entering a different world. If you want something a little slower paced, however, Daytona Beach is a good choice.


Any Part of Europe

I'm serious. Although my favorite continent in all of life is still cold this time of year, going anywhere in Europe is a great idea for spring break. Lots of students, especially, like to spend the week backpacking, and everything tends to be a bit more affordable right now. Plus, there are fewer tourist, so you can really make the most out of your visit.



Jamaica is another standard spring break destination, with good reason. The Caribbean is a welcome escape in the months of March and April, plus there are so many options. You can take a cruise, you can check out one of the many spring break specials offered at great prices, and no matter what you can have a blast exploring places like Montego Bay or Negril.


South Padre Island

I consider myself something of an expert on South Padre Island, Texas, although I've never been there. My uncle has lived and worked there for years, however – in the hotel industry, no less – and every year I get to hear incredible stories about spring break down there. You're close to the Mexican border, the party scene is outrageous, the activities are wild, the beach is warm, and the culture is fabulous. Plus remember, everything's bigger in Texas!



Ibiza, part of the Balearic Islands, has recently become an extremely popular place. It might well be Europe's official party capital by now. The average student may consider it a really … innovative choice, but adults of all ages have been descending on the place in recent years, and if you're ever looking to really go all out, this is definitely the place to do it.


Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, in South Caroline, can get crazy during spring break, but not too crazy. There are also a lot of family friendly places and activities, though, and the beaches are large enough that families and college kids on break can coexist quite peacefully. My family and I used to hit Myrtle Beach for spring break quite often, and it was always a fantastic time.



Acapulco is another haven in Mexico, located on the opposite side of Cancun. It's a breathtakingly beautiful location, and there are tons of things to do. The weather is incredible and the beaches will take your breath away – and yeah, there's plenty of partying to be had as well.



Fans of Stephen King will no doubt recognize this Mexican destination, located on the Pacific, which has no memory. You never know, somewhere between Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa, you may be able to find Andy Dufresne's collection of cabins and cabanas. Even if not, both families and college kids will love this alternative destination, which offers snorkeling, boat taxis, dolphin watching, and much more.



Galveston, Texas is actually a great place for families to go for spring break. There are plenty of resorts and lots to do, such as festivals and shows and activities made especially for children. Going to Galveston makes for a really calm, relaxing vacation, and families won't have to deal with the fall out of thousands of college kids looking to let loose.

There are lots of other options for a spring break vacation. Many of them are off the beaten path, fun options that you just wouldn't expect. Do you have any unique ideas for spring break?

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