7 Reasons to Vacation in Hawaii ...


7 Reasons to Vacation in Hawaii ...
7 Reasons to Vacation in Hawaii ...

Reasons to vacation in Hawaii are not hard to find. It’s easy to think that Hawaii is a cliché, the epitome of the picture postcard paradise but it is so much more. The reasons to vacation in Hawaii extend across the island group, its scenery, its people and its culture. You can fill a vacation in Hawaii with activities to make the blood rush or you can simply relax and enjoy the weather. Whatever floats your boat here are my 7 Reasons to Vacation in Hawaii:

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Surf’s up

Yep! It’ s always surf time in Hawaii. No-one should surely take a vacation in Hawaii without having at least one go on a surfboard. If you’re a first-timer or novice surfer there are plenty of surf spots for beginners and a ton of surf schools only happy to get you standing on that board. Learning on one of island state’s fabulous beaches is a good incentive and certainly one of the most popular reasons to take a vacation in Hawaii.


Take a Hike

The inland of the islands are just as beautiful as the coastlines and many walkers and hikers take a vacation in Hawaii for the pleasure of making their way to places like Diamond Head Crater for the stunning view of Waikiki Beach or to challenge themselves walking the trails of Kauai’s Na Pali Coast.


Bird’s Eye View

If you have a head for heights, you’ll find the stunning views from the air good reason to vacation in Hawaii. Try a tandem skydive for unparalleled views or maybe you need to feel closer to the ground on a zipline tour through tropical rainforest. Both equally thrilling but if they aren’t palatable, no need to miss out; take a helicopter tour over the Volcanoes National Park and see real live bubbling lava.


Play with Fire

Talking of lava, you can get up close and personal with active volcanoes by camping out in Volcanoes National Park. The big attraction is Halemaumau on Big Island which has been reshaping the landscape for the last 2 years. Not quite unique because there are other places whether active lava can be seen in the world but understanding the islanders deference to the Pele, God of Fire, si certainly one of the interesting reasons to visit Hawaii.


The Pearl of the Pacific

For American visitors, Hawaii is an evocative place and for many, the reason to vacation in Hawaii is to visit Pearl Harbor and the opportunity to pay homage at the USS Arizona Memorial.


Not Just Mai Tais and Luaus

The nightlife in Hawaii is special. Yes, sure you can drown in Mai Tais, pig out at a traditional Luau and don a grass skirt to try a hula dance but how about trying a trendy bar in Honolulu’s Chinatown or going on a pub crawl in Lahaina on Maui? Some of the best beer can be found at the Kona Brewing Co’s Brewpub on Big Island or if you want to mix beer and culture, head to the Honolulu Academy of Arts each last Friday of the month for the Art After Dark parties. Of course, you can clear your hangover with Kona coffee in the morning.


Lights, Camera, Action

If you’re a fan of the movies, take a vacation in Hawaii to follow in the footsteps of famous actors, actresses, celebrated directors and countless film crews. Hollywood has always loved Hawaii. From Elvis movies to the recently revived Hawaii 5-0 (book ‘em Danno!) from Lost to Jurassic Park and Pirates of the Caribbean, Hawaiian landscapes provide spectacular backdrops.

Need any more reasons to visit Hawaii? How about the fabulous food, the spectacular sunsets, the gorgeous weather, the welcoming, friendly people? Hawaii is a prime destination worthy of attention from serious travelers and occasional holiday makers. My 7 Reasons to Vacation in Hawaii are convincing but why not go and discover the islands for yourself?

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