9 Fabulous Beaches of New England ...

There are plenty of reasons to head to the north eastern corner of the United States and the beaches of New England are one. The whole region has so much to offer as a location for a vacation, and beach lovers certainly wonโ€™t be disappointed. The waters of the North Atlantic may be a little frigid but the beauty of the beaches of New England sure makes up for it.

1. South Beach, Katama, Massachusetts

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Katamaโ€™s South Beach is beautiful and has enough waves for body surfing. There is a possible undertow here, but if your swimming skills are good, you donโ€™t need to fear. One of the ways to enjoy the beaches of New England is to take a walk on the sands and South Beach in Katama provides the perfect sand for such a walk. The fact that Katama/Edgartown is in Marthaโ€™s Vineyard is a major bonus!

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