7 Terrific Little Beach Towns in America ...


7 Terrific Little Beach Towns in America ...
7 Terrific Little Beach Towns in America ...

Beach Towns conjure up pictures of sandy boardwalks, golden beaches, waterfront properties and a pace of life that a tortoise would envy. With a worldwide recession pinching each and every wallet in and around the states, the chances of embarking on that flashy beach town holiday in foreign climes seems that much more out of reach, until we suddenly realize what a blessing in disguise that may be. Right smack, under our very noses, are some of the best kept beach town secrets that very few have had the lucky chance to encounter as yet. As we explore a surge of retracting to our roots, and yearning for the simplicity of yesteryear, heading on down to a simple little beach town, is right up that alley. Dig out the flip-flops, the beach towel and a book, and head on down to the sands, buy ice cream cones directly from the beach front, drink homemade soda pop and be surrounded by nothing but friendly locals and the noise of the waves lapping on the shore. Here is a list of 7 Terrific Little Beach Towns in America to help you choose where to go first.

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Rockport, TEXAS

This charming coastal town in Arkansas County, Texas, is also home to the state beachfront park, and has been named the cleanest beach in the county. Enjoy the sea, the sun and the beachfront, or get out your fishing gear, and enjoy some of the prime fishing spots this beach town has to offer. Enjoy fresh seafood and their speciality, stuffed shrimp, and feed the leftovers to the seagulls on the beach. Mingle like a local and join a game of canasta or bingo in the town, or just veg out on the beach and watch the waves roll in.


Chinoteague, VIRGINIA

With hardly any big city stamps on this beach town, such as board walks, high rise buildings and traffic, this picturesque beach town is virtually unspoiled and untouched, making it the most serene destination on Virginias Eastern shore. Well known for the Chinoteague ponies, which actually live on a portion of the Assateague Island close by, the charming and friendly locals and their laid back lifestyle, make it easy for visitors to fall in love with the gorgeous beach town and its inhabitants.


Lubec, MAINE

With an entire head count of less than 2000 people living in this quaint beach town, Lubec in Maine, is one of the most gorgeous coastal towns, with picture perfect settings everywhere you go. The rustic and laid back atmosphere brings people back in touch with nature and the simpler life. There are no stop lights, there is no traffic, no movie theatres, high rise buildings or any hustle and bustle of city stresses. Real people, rugged surroundings and small town ambience make Lubec a must see.


Gearhart, OREGON

This quiet seaside town has an eclectic mix of residents and visitors who call this beach town home. One of the few places left where you are able to drive to the beach and park right on the sands. Pack a picnic and a beach umbrella and park right next to your beach towel, eat homemade ice cream and try not to get sand in your sandwiches. Enjoy excellent cuisine at the upmarket restaurant, and don’t forget to pack your golf clubs!



Surfing, volleyball, amusement parks, mysterious redwood forests, wine tasting, museums, art galleries and the best of California’s beaches all along the 29 mile strip of beachfront is what Santa Cruz is all about. Some of the finest seafood restaurants with award winning California wines make this beach town a haven for foodies! Experience a unique fine dining extravaganza by taking the cable car up to Shadowbrook Restaurant.


Sunset Beach, HAWAII

Gorgeous year round weather, warm, crystal clear water, and palm lined beachfronts and suntanned surfers are just some of the things that bring visitors to the Northern Hawaiian shores of Oahu. Big surfing competitions are held here every year and the adventure levels for surfing enthusiasts are legendary. The thundering waves tempt wild surfers to get in the water and show their skills out in the waves. Excellent swimming and snorkelling spots too!


Rehoboth, DELAWARE

Enjoy some beach yoga, a little round of golf or head on to the Rehoboth Beach resorts, where the upmarket facilities will have something to keep everyone in the family amused. The river safari water park also has bumper boats, go-karts, mini golf and Water Park rides for the entire family to enjoy. Head on down the farmers market for some fresh, local produce picked straight from the farms.

Whatever the budget and whatever your preferences, one of the 7 Terrific Little Beach Towns in America will be ideal in suiting both. Friendly, affordable and laidback, the beach town vibe will bring back fond childhood memories of soda pop and deep fried clams eaten straight from the pan, idyllic sunsets and without the crowds the more modern counterparts are brimming with. Excellent beach town weather and small beach town hospitality are what makes these rustic beachfront hideaways so perfect. Which small beach town would be on your favourites list?

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Saugatuck, MI is a great Midwestern beach town in the summer!

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