9 Best Surf Spots in the World ...


9 Best Surf Spots in the World ...
9 Best Surf Spots in the World ...

Here is my list of the 9 best surf spots in the world for beginners. Each location has easy waves to start out on and gorgeous scenery to gaze at while you bob around on your board waiting for the next wave to roll by. It’s difficult to truly put these locations in order on a scale from 1 to 9. Some have sandy ocean bottoms which make it much safer when you fall off your board, while others offer perfect gentle waves on top of coral reefs that could be potentially dangerous if caution isn’t taken. Take a look at my selection and see what you think!

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Lagos, Portugal

For baby waves that anyone can surf on, this is the place to be. Surf schools offer lessons year around and a number of spots are within a 30 minute jaunt. Low tide is the best time for beginners to take to the water and try out their balance on a few steady waves. Although surfing here can take place any time of the year, the summer is going to be the most crowded.


San Onofre State Beach in Southern California, USA

This particular beach is divided up into 3 parts; Dogpatch, Old Man’s, and the Point. The Dogpatch section is best for beginners with longboards. The waves are gently and the crowds small. You can work your way up the shore towards the Point as you improve. The Old Man’ section is where most of the older local men hang out. They know how to share the waves and the atmosphere is very relaxed.


Hikkaduwa, Southwest Sri Lanka

The best time to hit the surf scene in this small village is between November and March. Not only are the waves mellow, but the area is an inexpensive one to stay in. You might have to wait in line to catch some waves, but they are totally worth it.


Surfer’s Point, Barbados

Lessons on foam boards are offered to beginners wishing to learn the basics of surfing. These lessons are about 2 hours long and can be taken anytime of the year. However, the best time would be between September and May, since June thru October is the rainy season. This area of Barbados is protected, making it an excellent location to learn how to surf safely. No one wants to be pummeled by large waves the first time they are on a surf board!


Cocoa Beach, Florida

The Ron Jon Surf School offers surf lessons here and this is also the beach where Kelly Slater got his start in surfing. There are plenty of other surf camps to choose from as well, or you can rent a board and head out on your own. The water is warm with a consistent number of waves.


Newquay in Cornwall, England

If you don’t mind cold water, then learning to surf in this area of the UK might be enjoyable any time of the year. Despite the rather chilly water, Newquay caters to many seasoned surfers as well as novices. Take lessons, stay in a surf lodge with people who love to surf as much as you do, or grab a wetsuit and hit the water on a boogie board. You will definitely want to invest in a wetsuit rental for surfing in Newquay.


White Plains Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

You can not only catch some beginner-sized waves on this beach, but you also have the ability to receive surf lessons from very qualified fire fighters. The off-duty firefighters of Honolulu offer their services to people who wish to learn to surf in a secure environment. They all know CPR, are certified with Open Water Rescue, and determined to teach surfing in a safe environment, even kids as young as 5 can take lessons here and be perfectly safe.


Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica

The Pacific coast of Costa Rica is riddled with beaches. Playa Tamarindo seems to be the most popular destination for beginners, but a number of other beaches are also perfect for newbies to surfing. I learned to surf in an area just south of Manuel Antonio. It was sandy and shallow, which is excellent for someone just learning how to be tumbled by waves. Many of the beaches along the Pacific coast of Costa Rica offer similar surf conditions. December thru March is the best time to surf in Costa Rica.


Byron Bay, Australia

Surfers of all abilities will enjoy visiting this surf locale. Ranging from small swells to gentle rollers, there is definitely something for everyone. From March to May you can find a consistent amount of waves and warmer weather. Accommodations and lessons are provided by at least one surfing outfit in Byron Bay, but there are plenty of additional accommodations to choose from as well.

This list of the 9 best surf spots on the world I think beginners would enjoy offers an assortment of locations. Some are better suited for long boards than short boards, while others provide waves for either type of board. What areas of the world would you consider great for surfing?

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