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It’s such a good thing that cruising is no longer seen as the realm of retirees and single middle-aged folk looking for a partner, and it’s even better that budget cruises are starting to become more and more readily available. When it comes to budget cruises a lot really does depend on seasonality and location, so some of the best value and cheapest cruises are outside of what you might consider to be traditional vacation season. If you’re able to be flexible, budget cruises can take you all over the world.

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Royal Caribbean - Caribbean

Royal Caribbean - Caribbean If your dream is to while away your days sailing between gorgeous Caribbean islands, stopping off to enjoy the charms of vibrant port cities, beautiful beaches and welcoming people, the best time for budget cruises is fall/early winter. Liberty of the Seas is one of the largest cruise ships in the world and you can find Royal Caribbean 5 night cruises from Fort Lauderdale from just over $300.


Costa Cruises - Mediterranean

Costa Cruises - Mediterranean The best time for budget cruises around the Mediterranean are winter and early spring. Of course, this is not going to be the warmest time of the year but you will definitely get some sunbathing weather. Costa Cruises offers various routes around the Med and you can find prices from $399 per person.


Carnival - Caribbean

Carnival - Caribbean Operating out of Florida, Carnival is able to offer budget cruises essentially because their fleet includes older ships like the Carnival Conquest. Older ships still have excellent facilities and tons of things to do; they just don’t have the most modern state-of the art bells and whistles of more recently commissioned cruise liners. You can actually still find Caribbean cruises for this summer starting at $399.


Norwegian Cruises – Caribbean

Norwegian Cruises – Caribbean If you look hard you might be able to find budget cruises of a week or more duration, but if you’re happy to sail away for 3-5 days, there are more options than you might imagine. Cruises from Fort Lauderdale and Miami to the Bahamas are common short term options. Short term budget cruises are also a good way to test the water to see if cruising is for you. A 3 day weekend cruise on the Norwegian Sky starts at $159.


Holland America – Alaska

Holland America – Alaska The two cheapest months to cruise Alaska are May and September. This may not be prime time because you’ll be missing the amazing ice scenery of the depths of winter and it’s not high season for wildlife viewing, but the beauty of Alaska at any time of year is undisputed. Week long cruises that take in the incredible Glacier Bay can be from $499 per person – word of advice though – the better deals are found away from Holland America’s website on general booking sites. For example, I found cruises for this May from $399 on Expedia.


Norwegian Cruise Lines – California Coast

Norwegian Cruise Lines – California Coast If you are willing to forego a few luxuries – such as settling for an inside cabin - you will spend a lot less than if you want an outside cabin with portholes. And this can make a big difference, even on budget cruises. For example, sail for 5 days (in September 2015) from Vancouver to Los Angeles on the Norwegian Jewel in an inside cabin and the price starts at $299 per person. The same cruise in an Oceanside cabin starts at $399.


Princess Cruises – Asia

Princess Cruises – Asia This particular cruise is not budget when you have to add in the flight, but I wanted to show you just what cruises are out there with affordable prices depending on your overall travel plans. Wherever you are in the world there are tons of options for budget cruises. This one I found as an example is a 5 day cruise in an outside cabin from Tianjin to Shanghai in China via Busan in South Korea and Nagasaki in Japan starts at $132.

Cruising really is a fabulous way of seeing a number of destinations in a short period of time, or even just a fabulous short getaway. Modern cruise ships are floating resorts and packed with entertainment. No-one should ever be bored on a cruise. Now you know there are budget cruises so readily available would you consider one?

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Cruises are cheaper during hurricane season, as I remember it worked out to be cheaper than staying in a hostel/hotel and eating out!

those pictures are stunning! I definitely can't wait to go on a cruising holiday with my boyfriend for future holidays!

christos :excelent fantastic from where we can find enough money to make some of theese dreams

prices always pend on the season!

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