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It isn’t that difficult to find out the best destinations for budget travel, but I still wanted to write this article. The destinations I selected are all around the world, and so you must take into account that some destinations might be cheaper for others, depending on your location. After all, airfares can get pricey. These are the 7 best destinations for budget travel.

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Thailand When you think of destinations for budget travel, you might think of towns full of cheap and dirty hostels, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Thailand is one of the world’s best destinations for budget travelers, and don’t be surprised if you find a standard double room for $25. In fact, I have stayed in a single room for a mere $8 a night. Also, food and transport is ridiculously cheap and the country and people are amazing.



Croatia For Europeans who don’t want to spend much money on travel and accommodation, Croatia is a great destination. The beautiful sceneries with mountains, lakes and lots of green are only one part of the deal. Food and accommodation is cheap, and if you live in Europe and you’re in for a road trip, it’s fun to drive to Croatia. You’ll save money on airfare, but you’ll also drive past some beautiful places.


Washington, DC

Washington, DC Although hotel prices are not always cheap, those who wait will eventually come across some good deals. If you’re into museums, Washington, DC is a place to go to, especially because many of them are entirely free. Yes, you read that right. When it comes to restaurants, the city has a little bit of everything, but during the week you’ll find a plethora of food trucks in the Capitol Hill area. Cheap food and free museums. What else do you need?



India India is a great destination if you want to indulge in cheap, delicious food and spirituality. You can make your trip to India as expensive as you’d like. There are hostels, where you share a room and bathroom, there are basic hotels and there are the hotels that offer pure luxury and excellent service. Fees for attractions are usually cheap, and if you want to skip those, just think about India being the attraction itself. It’s an adventure!



Greece Oh, how I love Greece for the food, the people and the beaches. You can have a culinary feast for peanuts and when it comes to accommodation, there’s anything from basic hotels to luxury retreats. It’s always a good idea to find out if there are small B&Bs up in the mountains. These tend to be super cheap, but offer excellent service and value.

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Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Although it’s been called the Paris of South America, it’s lost some of its popularity over the past years, especially with other parts of South America becoming more popular. In 2014, Buenos Aires’ hotels are 8 percent cheaper than in 2013, so this is your time to go! Museums, historical sites and a vibrant nightlife still make Buenos Aires a good place to consider for your next trip, and now that hotel rates are decreasing, it’s definitely worth a visit.


South Africa

South Africa It’s one of those countries you must see at least once in your life, and I’ve been informed that hotel rates are now lower than in 2013. There are so many things to do in this country, from wildlife safaris to sun bathing to taking the time to get to know Nelson Mandela’s country. Accommodation and food can be as cheap as you’d like, if you’re willing to look for it.

Traveling is expensive, and prices often make traveling less fun. After all, you do want to live a normal life before your trip and after you come back. If you’re yearning for a trip to any place affordable, I hope these ideas will help you. Are you up for any of these budget destinations?

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oh how I dream of visiting Greece one day. it just looks so amazing and inviting. so gorgeous ☀️. a few of the places listed here I prob would never have the balls to go to. like India or Thailand or buenos aires. you gotta be careful about traveling to third world type countries. laws are tricky and the locals will spot a tourist in a sec and may try to pull a fast one on ya.

Thailand is on martial law right now. Everything stops early in the evening. There are soldiers & checkpoints everywhere. Its not fun at all. Its boring & a little bit scary.

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