9 Great Destinations for Science Geeks ...

I decided to put together a list of destinations for science geeks because there’s generally an assumption that they’d be happy with any old museum. Not so! I’m not sure I would call myself a science geek, but I have an incredible curiosity and science can answer a lot of my questions. I can totally see myself enamored by these destinations for science geeks.

1. The Deutsches Museum, Germany

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Munich’s marvelous museum is one of the finest destinations for science geeks in Europe. You can spend a whole day watching the aircraft, musical instruments, mills, history of photography as well as computers, film, and whatnot. Its major attraction, however, is for anyone with a passion for the maritime. You can climb aboard a fishing vessel called the "Maria," originally built in 1880, and there are many other boats marking specific nautical technological periods – steam, sail and the diesel engine. It's worth a visit and interestingly, nothing is "nachgestellt" or "rebuilt" – everything's original!

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