7 Excellent but Cheap Wellness and Spa Holidays ...

By Neecey

7 Excellent but Cheap Wellness and Spa Holidays ...

Spa holidays should be the ultimate in relaxation. If you love to be pampered what can be better than a glorious spa holiday that heightens your sense of wellness, and more importantly, on the cheap? Planning relaxation holidays can be a massive strain on the wallet, but there are some excellent value-for-money wellness centers that can make you feel healthier, happier and relaxed without breaking the bank. I’ve compiled a list of some excellent destinations which do not shy away from quality but still provide affordable luxuries around the world. Here’s my 7 Excellent but Cheap Wellness and Spa Holidays:

Table of contents:

  1. hotel merkur – vrnja?ka banja, serbia
  2. hotel azúr – siófok, hungary
  3. el ameyal hotel – cabo san lucas, mexico
  4. belmar spa & beach resort – lagos, portugal
  5. hotel jurmala spa – jurmala, latvia
  6. patara prince hotel & resort – turkey
  7. farmona hotel and spa – krakow, poland

1 Hotel Merkur – Vrnja?ka Banja, Serbia

You’ll notice that most of the best inexpensive spa holidays can be found in Eastern Europe. Many Eastern European countries combine medical centers with the local thermal waters that are filled with nutrients. The centers also take ailments very seriously and so offer great value as health is their number one priority. Hotel Merkur is one of these medical centers, completely modern and specializes in diagnosis and rehabilitation. Their thermo mineral baths are treatments to look out for.

2 Hotel Azúr – Siófok, Hungary

Hungary is famous for thermal springs. This Hungarian hotel offers thermal baths as well as spa services, an aroma room, salt rooms, infrasauna and steam baths. It is completely modern, peaceful and professional and is one of the largest wellness centers in Siófok offering four-star accommodation.

3 El Ameyal Hotel – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

For a change of scenery, Mexico can be an excellent destination for cheap wellness and spa holidays. The El Ameyal Natural Health Spa Resort is located in the popular town of Cabo San Lucas and has an array of health services to offer. You can come here for nutrition advice, mud baths and steam treatments.

4 Belmar Spa & Beach Resort – Lagos, Portugal

This resort has a Mediterranean aura with bleached white buildings and palm trees in a swimming pool boulevard. This beach resort overlooks the Porto de Mós beach and includes a famous hydrotherapy pool, outdoor Jacuzzi, sauna, Chromotherapy suite and a Turkish Bath to top it as one of the most comprehensive and cheaper of spa resorts in Europe.

5 Hotel Jurmala Spa – Jurmala, Latvia

Hotel Jurmala offers some of the best and cheap spa breaks and because it’s in Latvia its price will not break the bank compared to other resorts that offer impressive health services. It is one of the more popular hotels and makes for an ideal spa holiday destination because of its extensive services, including over 100 different treatments for wellness and spa experiences. Some of these include three pools of different temperatures, five different saunas and a spa capsule.

6 Patara Prince Hotel & Resort – Turkey

This beautiful Hotel and Resort overlooks the glorious mountains by Kalkan, an old Turkish fishing town. On top of being a reasonably priced spa resort, it is nestled between ancient ruins, Mediterranean white-washed houses and the longest (sandy) beach in the Mediterranean! They have a Turkish bath, yoga and pilates studios, a sauna and boast over 15 different types of massages.

7 Farmona Hotel and Spa – Krakow, Poland

The Farmona Hotel and Spa is set in the historic town of Krakow. It is a rustic and peaceful hotel which has dark wood interior designs to create a calming atmosphere, idea for a spa holiday. It offers ancient Indonesian treatments that make you feel pampered and exotic, especially with the healing properties of the underground springs, qi balancing massages, Turkish hamman and mud baths. Their products are of an excellent quality and they pride themselves in their originality.

Wellness and spa holidays are definitely worth the money if you lead a busy and hectic lifestyle and need time away to recuperate and get your health back on track. However, you shouldn’t need to spend an arm or a leg in order to get these well-needed treatments, and so excellent yet cheap spa holidays are definitely the way to go. Popular, reasonably priced and yet still offering quality services that use natural and healthy products, these 7 Excellent but Cheap Wellness and Spa Holidays are top destinations. Are you interested in going to any of these or maybe you know one to add to the list?

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