7 Picturesque European Villages for Happy Snappers ...

European villages are places where rural traditions live a long history. No matter how far into the future a country’s city have an eye on, it is in the villages where life moves at a sedate place, where everyone knows each other and where there’s an appreciation of the more simple things in life. Usually full of ‘characters’, there’s a great spirit of community in European villages. There’s probably also a good deal of smug satisfaction on the part of the villages thanks to knowing they live in such a beautiful photogenic place. Many European villages boast a locale or setting worthy of a picture postcard. Grab your camera because we’re going on a tour of 8 Picturesque European Villages for Happy Snappers.

1. Bibury, England

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One of the great arbiters of British style – 19th century artist-designer-writer-home interiors doyen- described Bibury as the ‘most beautiful village in England’. One of the most photographed European villages, the most popular site in Bibury is Arlington Row, a collection of Cotswold stone cottages built in the 14th century. Other must sees are the Saxon church of St. Mary, the bridge over the River Coln and the Trout Farm.

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