7 Picturesque European Villages for Happy Snappers ...


7 Picturesque European Villages for Happy Snappers ...
7 Picturesque European Villages for Happy Snappers ...

European villages are places where rural traditions live a long history. No matter how far into the future a country’s city have an eye on, it is in the villages where life moves at a sedate place, where everyone knows each other and where there’s an appreciation of the more simple things in life. Usually full of ‘characters’, there’s a great spirit of community in European villages. There’s probably also a good deal of smug satisfaction on the part of the villages thanks to knowing they live in such a beautiful photogenic place. Many European villages boast a locale or setting worthy of a picture postcard. Grab your camera because we’re going on a tour of 8 Picturesque European Villages for Happy Snappers.

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Bibury, England

Bibury, England One of the great arbiters of British style – 19th century artist-designer-writer-home interiors doyen- described Bibury as the ‘most beautiful village in England’. One of the most photographed European villages, the most popular site in Bibury is Arlington Row, a collection of Cotswold stone cottages built in the 14th century. Other must sees are the Saxon church of St. Mary, the bridge over the River Coln and the Trout Farm.


Savoca, Italy

Savoca, Italy Villages in Europe are a terrific backdrop for the movies. If you’ve seen The Godfather, you will recognize Savoca in Sicily. The film couldn’t be shot in Corleone because it is seen modern development that defied the description and the time. Savoca was therefore the perfect setting with the Chiesa de Santa Lucia where Michael and Appollonia were married and Bar Vitelli on Piazza Fossia, Appollonia’s family’s business. Terrific photographs can be taken from the ruins of Castello di Pentefur which stand guard over Savoca and for something a little macabre why not visit the Cappuncini Monastery to view a collection of mummified monks which date back to the 1700s.


Eze, France

Eze, France Eze was one of Walt Disney’s favorite European villages. No surprise really as the cliff top location enjoys sweeping Mediterrean views, a dream for any photographer, and has a fairytale medieval charm. Not far inland from the Riviera city of Nice, Eze is dominated by the 14th century Chappelle de la Saint Croix. Woven amongst its eclectic architecture you’ll find plenty of great little boutiques and art shops. Shop all you like, enjoy the views and then relax among the cacti and succulents in the Jardin Botanique d’Eze.


Wengen, Switzerland

Wengen, Switzerland If you think European villages should feature flower-bedecked timber chalets halfway up a mountain and the tinkling of cowbells in Alpine meadows, your camera will not stay in your pocket when in Wengen, Switzerland. Yes, it does look like something straight out of Heidi. There are no cars allowed here and the hotels are straight out of the belle époque era. Wengen can boast a pretty impressive role call of visitors. Mary Shelley (Frankenstein), Adolf Hitler, Napoleon, Julius Cesaer, Felix Mendlesohnn and Lord Byron have all basked in the charms of Wengen. Today only 1300 residents call it a permanent home but in the summer it welcomes 5,000 visitors and in the winter 10,000 as they flock in to enjoy the alpine sports.


Moncarapacho, Portugal

Moncarapacho, Portugal There are many picturesque, coastal European villages in the south of the continent of whitewashed houses that cling to cliff sides and lead to the water’s edge. So many of them are of the same flavor, it really is just about picking the ones that appeal to your camera’s eye the most. Moncarapacho is a small village found on Portugal’s Algarve coast. It’s quiet and small – only 8,000 permanent residents - and sits in beautiful countryside among fields of flowers and orchards of oranges, lemons and figs. There’s plenty of old traditional houses in the village and other nice photo opportunities are the ancient chapel and the whitewashed stone bridge.


Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber, Germany

Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber, Germany There are some fantastically preserved medieval villages in Europe. One of the best is Rothenburg ob der Tauber in German Bavaria. You might have to battle with tourists as they ooze out of buses that make good use of Germany’s Romantic Road but it’s worth it. Walk narrow cobbled lanes and choose your favorite higgledy-piggledy houses to photograph. Places on the list to visit include Jakobskirche (church), the macabre instruments of torture on display at the Mittelterliches Kriminalmuseum, the Rathaus (town hall) for its views of the River Tauber and the Puppen and Spielzeugmuseum (dolls, toys and puppets).


Kumrovec, Croatia

Kumrovec, Croatia Not many European villages can boast a claim to fame of being the birthplace of a great leader. Picturesque Kumrovec in Croatia is the childhood home of communist Marshall Tito, the Yugoslavian Head of State for 27 years. Kumrovec sits in rolling foothills on the Sutla River. The attraction of the village is the Ethnographical Museum wherein traditional village houses from the late 19th century have been preserved. Each displays permanent exhibitions relating to everyday life as a Zagorje peasant. Be sure to take a photo of Tito’s statue outside his former home which is now a museum.

The villages of Europe are fascinating places for photographers. Each location enjoys a singular attraction all of their own. From scenic views to framed details, these 7 Picturesque European Villages for Happy Snappers hold plenty of interest and there’s plenty more in every corner of the continent. Say Cheese!

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Great post Neecey.. my heart lies on the continent, especially east. If there was space for more I would add Brasov in Romania, Bled in Slovenia, and Clovelly in Devon, England. x

Croatia :)

Pretty sure #5 is Nerja in Spain.. That part of Portugal is pretty flat.

Glad you approve of the Croatian entry Josipa.

Find something in Czech Republic :) :)

#5 which town is this because it doesn't look like Moncarapacho?

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