7 Luxury Destinations when You Want to Splurge on a Vacation ...


7 Luxury Destinations when You Want to Splurge on a Vacation ...
7 Luxury Destinations when You Want to Splurge on a Vacation ...

Every few years or so, it’s fun to splurge on a well-deserved vacation and go for luxury destinations instead of low-budget destinations. Splurging on a vacation is the ultimate way to treat yourself after a year of many hours of hard work and it’s a great way to recharge yourself. Luxury destinations often draw a different crowd and accommodations tend to be more focused on peace and serenity. And although they may come across as boring to some people, many of these destinations have plenty of things to do to keep yourself busy for at least a week. These destinations are absolutely great if you want to splurge on a vacation.

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French Polynesia

French Polynesia French Polynesia is also known as Tahiti, or simply paradise. It’s hidden in the South Pacific Sea, in between Peru and New Zealand and in the middle of nowhere. The islands are blessed with bright green mountains and the turquoise waters will leave you breathless. The absolute dream accommodation on Tahiti is the overwater bungalow, where you can enjoy a private villa with stunning views and breakfast is brought to your cabin by canoe. French Polynesia is one of the best luxury destinations in the world and even though it’s a destination for ultimate relaxation, lovers of water sports have plenty to do here.



Maldives The Maldives is often referred to as the best honeymoon destination, and for a reason. The Maldives are numerous islands that are all equally pretty and staying in a luxury accommodation is standard here, as the people here just don't do low-budget. I once heard that people who live on the Maldives actually make a great income, and most of them earn their money from fishing or tourism. Because the incomes are higher than the average in the U.S., prices of accommodations and restaurants also tend to be higher.



Fiji Fiji is a popular luxury destination for those from New Zealand, Australia and the U.S., but even though it's a popular destination, you will still find ultimate serenity and peace here. Like the Maldives, Fiji is a popular destination for newlyweds, mainly thanks to its beauty. It has turquoise waters, green mountains and white, sandy beaches. Hotels are relatively new, luxurious and romantic and there are a lot of water sport activities around. It also has lots of hiking trails, some of it leading to beautiful waterfalls, and if you like to indulge in the culture, you can visit some of the villages.



Japan You may not expect this, but Japan is a pricey destination if you want to go on a vacation. Even if you want to go for middle class hotels, you’ll end up spending an average of $250 per day for two people. If you’re looking to do many different things on a vacation, Japan is the place to go to. It has a great variety of things to do. There's culture, exciting cities, beautiful beaches and peaceful mountains. The Japanese are quite shy when it comes to speaking English, so you may end up using your hands when communicating with the locals.



Monaco Monaco is a small principality on the coast of France and known for its charity film festival. Some say that people, who live in Monaco, all want to live like royals, and they make that pretty clear. Beautiful villas, the newest luxury cars and chic restaurants and shops make Monaco one of the best destinations for a vacation, if you have deep pockets. Hotels in Monaco are pricey, but in general, you will get quality, service and luxury in return. There’s a long beach with trendy beach clubs, but even these will easily set you back a couple of hundred dollars.



Singapore Singapore was a bargain destination only a few years ago, but it has rapidly developed itself into a luxury destination. Their currency is strong and with a large group of wealthy expats, Singapore had no choice but to build luxury hotels, estates, high-end shopping malls and numerous international upscale restaurants. The average cost of a hotel room? About $200 per night, and that is just an average hotel room. So if you really want to splurge on a vacation, Singapore is one of the places to be. Some people; however, have expressed their disappointment, as Singapore has lost a lot of its culture due to the changes over the past years.



Dubai Who doesn’t want to go to Dubai at least once in their life? The city basically rose from the desert and is now considered to be one of the most exciting cities in the world. Lots of skyscrapers, luxury hotels that make you feel like a royal, the most expensive shopping malls in the world and lots of fine dining. Dubai even has a 7-star hotel with a royal suite that will easily cost you $10,000 per night. Dubai is extremely popular with business travelers as well as those who have a little bit more to spend on their vacation.

These destinations might be a little out of your budget. At least I know they are for me. But it’s always fun to fantasize about something that could happen in the future, if only we work hard enough for it. Luckily, I’ve found that there are also destinations that give you the feeling of ultimate luxury at a lower price, including some destinations in Southeast Asia, South America and Europe. Which luxury destination would you like to splurge on?

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I will definitely be going to Fiji one day

Japan is gorgeous. I really suggest that country

Overrated. Reminiscent of your previous post on such places.

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