8 Best Island Vacations ...

Island vacations usually mean tropical beaches with sugar soft sand, swaying palms and crystal clear waters. There’s just something magical about the thought of touching down on a land that feels a million miles from daily life, where the pace is slow and the living is easy. Most probably associate the best island vacations with the Caribbean and the South East Asian seas but there are some gorgeous islands scattered around the globe worthy of your attention. Here are 8 Best Island Vacations:

1. Mljet, Croatia

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Ok, so you never expected to see Croatia on the list for best island vacations but don’t dismiss Mljet. This gorgeous island lies off the Dalmatian coast on the Adriatic Sea, about 4 hours by boat from Dubrovnik. Mljet hosts a national park and is a place of true peace and harmony. There’s few tourists so you can enjoy amazing forests, interesting salt lakes and wonderful 10km long beaches that are home to incredible marine life.

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