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20 Differences between America and Canada ...

By Neecey

Do you know the differences between America and Canada? Well, that sounds like the opening line of a joke. The differences between America and Canada will certainly be of interest to you if you are a native of either country but others might be fascinated too – I am! Here’s my list of 20 differences between America and Canada.

1 Geography

How America and Canada differ in their governmental land boundaries is that Canada has territories and provinces and America has states. Canadians have the tundra, Americans have some desert. They both lack vegetation, but there is one major difference though, the tundra has an abundance of frozen water and the desert has a major lack of water.

2 Currency

Each country has its own version of the dollar. The Canadians still use their 2 dollar bill. They call their single bills loonies and their 2 dollar bills toonies. They have major affection for Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, for some unknown reason. If I need to explain that joke, then you just need to move on.

3 Head of Government

Canadians maintain the same system as the British Government, while the Americans created a Republic with a president as the leader of the country instead of a Prime Minister. Canadians like their Queen, Americans like the band Queen. This is one of the many ways that Canadians and Americans differ.

4 General Demeanor

Americans view Canadians as pushovers and being polite to a fault. The Canadians view Americans as rude and overly impolite. The difference between the US and Canada is that when traveling abroad the Canadians are proud to show where they are from and are not knocked for it, while Americans are warned to not look “American” for fear of retribution in other countries. This says all that needs to be said about the way each country’s demeanor is perceived around the rest of the world.

5 Alphabet

Z and U are generally the letters that comes under fire when thinking of the language differences between America and Canada. Americans say zee and Canadians say zed. Then, in Canada, the U comes into play that shows up in weird places in words like flavour, colour, and labour because the UK spelling convention is used. The Americans however tend to shorten words instead of lengthen them. They make words like going into gonna and so forth.

6 Law Enforcement

Mounties have long been the subject of American joke staples when talking about Canada. Most Americans seem to have no idea that Canadian police do not always wear the red coats and ride horses, as they do in the old Dudley Do-Right cartoons.

7 Health Care

The Canadians have universal healthcare while the Americans still have half of their citizenship devoted to helping the “capitalist” failing system stay in place. If you want to see evidence of why this does not work, just look at the life expectancy section.

8 Size of Citizens

Both countries have a weight problem, Americans a little more so. How Canada and America differ is that Americans are definitely regarded as being overweight, with the creation of fast food and the ‘Golden Arches’ being in the United States.

9 Size Vs. Population

The land mass of Canada is 3,855,103 square miles. The total land area of America is 3,794,083 square miles, making Canada slightly larger. According to the United States Census, there are 307,212,123 American citizens and 33,487,208 Canadian citizens. The disparity in land to population leads to a lot of land leftover for the Canadians, and some crowded Americans.

10 Birth Rate

On average, 13.8 babies are born per 1000 Americans, while 10.3 babies are born per 1000 Canadians. The rate of Americans being born to Canadians is significantly higher. The difference between Americans and Canadians is that when it’s cold the Canadians go hunting while the Americans lock their doors and well, let’s just say they do not hibernate all winter long.

11 Migrancy Rate

What is interesting to me is that the Immigration rate of Canada is over 20% higher than America. The difference is that Americans have an indoctrinated view that the immigrants are taking all the jobs away.

12 Life Expectancy

If every American knew the life expectancy rates of Canadians, they would rethink their stance on universal healthcare. The rate is 78.1 for Americans and 81.2 for Canadians; the difference is not a few months, but a few years. Maybe Americans don’t want to live longer when they realize their Social Security won’t be there anyways. Canada is the winner in the life expectancy war of Canadians vs. Americans.

13 Pronunciation

If you have heard an American imitating a Canadian accent then, the word “ey” and “aboot” constantly features as that is how they think Canadians speak. America has a massive range of accents compared to Canada and there are also many more uses of regional slang.

14 Music Celebrities

Canadians are proud of their musical celebrities although by many Americans and indeed the rest of the world, they are considered somewhat cheesy – a la Justin Bieber, Bryan Adams, Michael Buble, Celine Dion … enough said. Americans do not care where the artist is from unless you count the East Coast West Coast rap feud of the 1990s.

15 Inventions

Alexander Graham Bell is a Scotsman who became a naturalized Canadian and invented the telephone; Gideon Sundback invented the zipper, Hugh LeCaine invented the music synthesizer, and the wonderful game of basketball was created by James Naismith. How Americans and Canadians differ is that Americans excel at using these inventions to create multi-billion dollar industries.

16 Toques

Toque is a word that Canadians use for winter hat. If Americans know about toques or for that fact anything about Canada, their most likely source was the satirical comedian commentary movies. The Americans call toques, beanies or hats.

17 Comedy

Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, Dan Aykroyd, Phil Hartman, Tom Green, Norm MacDonald, John Candy, Ryan Reynolds, Michael Cera, Seth Rogen, Michael J. Fox, Martin Short are all Canadians. I believe that is enough to conclude that based on the population disparity that Canada has the upper hand in output of comedians.

18 Thoughts on Animals

Canadians tend to be pretty outdoorsy and do their Steve Irwin impersonations and wrestle some Grizzly bears. Americans would rather look at them in a zoo.

19 Entering a Home

If you read the general demeanor, you know that Canadians are polite, and Americans are rude. Canadians are used to having to remove their boots since they are always trekking in the woods according to most Americans who tend to believe that Canadians are still homesteading. Taking off their shoes would be too much of a nuisance for Americans. This act of respect for someone else’s home would take too much time from their busy lives and they might not make it home in time for the next episode of “Jersey Shore”. Well, I guess I will give the Americans a victory for impoliteness in the jerkiness competition of America vs. Canada.

20 Drinks

One of the simplest differences between America and Canada is that Americans drink soda while Canadians drink pop – another Britishism.

I’m sure that American and Canadian readers will have their own thoughts on the differences between the USA and Canada. I’d love to hear your views or more differences.

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